Liquid Force Kites NV 7m 2018 Kitesurfing Review

Liquid Force Kites NV 7m 2018

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At A Glance

The Liquid Force Envy, now NV has been around for 8+ years now and has undergone some serious improvements over the last year or so, along with most of the Liquid Force line up. The NV is a three strut, simple to use, performance freeride / freestyle kite. It’s bridled hybrid C shape design, is what gives this kite its performance as well as its ease of use and forgiving nature.

The 2017 NV had a ton of tech and new features chucked at it; we saw the LF Synergy Strut, Layered frame construction, Tension Trailing edge, the quick Max Flow inflation system and much more. The NV is built using a Technoforce Single Ripstop. However, the new Black 2018 variant comes with Triple ripstop and is super bombproof for those hardcore riders out there. Whatever colour you go for the kites are well built and heavily reinforced to ensure they last many a session.

The Liquid Force NV is compatible with the Mission Control V2 bar. For 2018 we see four new colourways: Black, Purple/Grey, Blue/Blue, Orange/Blue, all of which look fantastic.

Sizes: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.5, 12, 13.5, 15m

The Bar

The 2018 Mission Control system V2 is again a refinement of the 2017 version. However, we see a major change for 2018. The addition of a Compact 40-46cm variant as well as the standard 49-55cm bar. To the general kiter bar size isn’t so much of a worry, for the riders throwing down passes on 7m kites it’s pretty important. The smaller bar can also change the feel of a kite. We also see the addition of a stainless bushing through the centre of the bar, and a high vis orange left-hand side bar end.

We got to head out on the Compact version of the bar. The bar itself is noticeably smaller in your hands, oozing confidence when you're rigging a 7m in gusty gales. Smaller bar, slower turn speed. Perfect.

The bar is very comfortable, a good diameter, looks clean and simple. The depower cleat is very easy to use and runs smoothly; the integrated magnet keeps any excess depower trim tucked out the way too. The thicker centre line runs freely through the centre of the bar and new insert. There is a huge amount of throw available on the bar, and the range of depower created is vast.

The safety system is again clean and simple, very quick and easy to reset, the new style swivel works like a dream too.

The Mission Control V2 can be converted to be used with 5th line kites too.

“A great all round kite that packs plenty of performance.”

In The Air

Conditions are getting pretty wild over here in the UK, and the winds are getting very gusty! Some days, while we were out the winds, were ranging from 15-40mph. Going out on a kite you haven’t flown much in those winds is normally pretty nerve-racking, but the NV boosts confidence to the rider and soaks up the gusts incredibly well. It’s solid in the sky.

The depower range the NV handles is vast, you have so much throw on the bar, and the kite is very controllable through this. Wind range on the NV is also fantastic with it holding up well in both light and strong wind conditions.

The kite is super easy to fly; it’s responsive with a smooth feedback through the bar. The turn speed of this 7m NV was awesome; it’s a rapid little kite that can be hucked around pretty aggressively when desired. Riding the waves is fun on this rapid kite too, it remains stable in the air while you’re on the face.

Bosting on the NV is brilliant; the kite loads incredibly well with a predictable powerful amount of lift. The kite is stable above head and can be felt through the bar at all times. Hangtime is bang on too, plenty, with a smooth controllable decent. Looping the NV is confidence inspiring, it has a fair amount of lateral pull, but it’s controllable, and the kite climbs well. Unhooked the NV works extremely well, it’s well balanced with good pop and plenty of slack is created for the latest freestyle moves.

Relaunch on the NV is top notch just pull on a rear outer line and the kite tracks quickly to the edge of the window ready to get air born as soon as you engage the line a little more.


The NV is a versatile kite that can excel in a bundle of conditions and riding styles. It’s well built, looks awesome, it’s responsive, has plenty of feedback through the bar and predictable.


As with many bars on the market, the Misson Control V2 is designed for use across a variety of kites and riding styles. It does this well; our only tiny niggle would be that we would like to see the introduction of a movable stopper on the centre line so various riders of different styles can get their ride fully tuned. Personally, I like my throw a little shorter so I can let go of both hands while performing old school moves, without having to reach with my short arms for the bar afterwards.


The 2018 Liquid Force NV is a cracking bit of kit, well worth a look if you’re a multi-discipline rider, whether you’re a weekend kiter or a well-seasoned professional. The kites are very well built, and the option to go for the super strength Black model is inviting. The new compact bar is brilliant and was a much-needed addition to the LF lineup.


This review was in Issue 66 of IKSURFMAG.

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By Robin and Sukie
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