Ozone Edge V9 13m 2017 Kitesurfing Review

Ozone Edge V9 13m 2017

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At A Glance

Needing no introduction, the Ozone Edge has led the way for speed and hangtime amongst inflatable kites for years. Back once again with Version 9 (V9), we were curious to see what improvements could be made to the already impressive kite. A 5-strut kite, it is high aspect and built to let you charge as hard as possible around a race course or into the air. With Ozone’s legendary build quality, you know the kite will soak up whatever you throw at it.

The V9 Edge has had changes made to both its profile and bridling structure. Both of these are to increase the speed, agility and all round performance of the kite. A new strut shape featuring a continuous curve ensures perfect tension on the canopy at all points. This reduces any ‘bounce’ previously felt through the bar.

The pulley-less bridle has been on a diet and slimmed down by an incredible 50% with the new Kevlar Lines resulting in less drag, which equates to increased acceleration and range.
Ozone uses the very high-quality Teijin TechnoForce D2 and Dacron in all their models, which provides fantastic strength through the canopy. There are reinforcement and scuff pads where needed, but this has been stripped to the minimum to again reduce weight.

Sizes: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19 meters

The Bar

The Contact Bar has stayed the same of late, which is certainly no bad thing. Featuring the excellent push away ‘Megatron’ chicken loop, and an incredibly comfy ergonomic grip, it looks the bee's knees. All Ozone kites are four lines, and all can be used on the same bar making things that little bit cheaper if you were to get a few different style kites from the brand.

The safety system on the Contact Bar is of the highest quality. A light push of the release and the bar shoots up one of the front lines to the stopper ball situated on said line. Any twists in your lines are very easy to untangle with the well positioned ‘Spinning Handle’, and relaunch is a breeze with small stopper balls situated on each leader line showing exactly where to hold the line to get the kite to flip over.

The throw of the Contact bar is of ideal length. It allows kites to depower sufficiently, but you will never be in the situation where you lose touch with the bar, something crucial for smaller riders. For depowering the kite, the cleat system works perfectly. Incredibly smooth and no need to be in the gym every day to use it.

In The Air

Flying the Edge V9 for the first time has serious consequences. These consequences may not be so great for your bank balance, but your quality of life will be seriously improved! Once you try this kite and start jumping, you’ll be fishing around for that credit card before you are even out of your wetsuit.

The big change for this version we noticed was the flutter felt in previous years in the more marginal winds has disappeared, and the kite remains solid at all times. Being so high aspect, there are no issues whatsoever about any upwind riding, and downwind is easy too as the kite does drift well and drive through the window.

The kite is more technical than some to fly, so for early beginners, they may struggle to make the most of the kite. If you have good flying skills, then you’ll be able to get the maximum amount of performance out of this kite!

Being IKA registered means the Edge V9 can be used in major races, and of course fun races too. Known for its speeds, the Edge V9 has maintained and only grown on this, offering you blisteringly fast rides but still feeling in control at all times. Should that wind pick up, the above bar depower works very well, is smooth and efficient and allows you to keep on riding as the wind picks up, the top end range of the kite is very impressive.

Fast, fun and simply monstrous jumping ability

Many people assume that the Edge is primarily a race kite, however, get it out for some classic boosts and old school fun and you will see why it has been such a big seller! The speed and upwind drive of the kite translate into simply phenomenal jumps. Height and hang time are there in equal measures. In the lighter winds, the float produced still allows for some great trickery with the softest of landings, once powered the kite simply shoots you up but will keep you hanging for some time covering some serious ground.

The bar pressure on the Edge V9 is light but still, maintains great feedback allowing you to know exactly what the kite is up to at all times. A kite used for this much jumping you certainly wouldn’t want a heavy bar pressure!

A small surprise is the quite pleasant unhooked ability of the kite. Not one for doing triple handle passes on, but for popping the odd pass and spins it provides solid pull for you to load against.

Relaunch on a higher performing kite can often be tricky, but the Edge V9 showed no negatives in this respect. You do have to give a back line a good tug to get the kite to roll over, but once on its back or side, it moves easily to the edge of the window for you to take it back up.


The speed, the height, the hang time and the fun all merge to create a simply excellent kite. This with the build and back up we have come to expect from Ozone.


Slightly more technical to fly than some higher aspect kites, but this trade off results in the bigger boosts and faster speeds.


Fast, fun and simply monstrous jumping ability make the Ozone Edge V9 one to really consider for all out free riding, speed or simply boosting as high as you can.


This review was in Issue 64 of IKSURFMAG.

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By Robin and Sukie
With years of kite sport experience combined, you can be sure you’ll be receiving the highest quality of knowledge on the best equipment the industry has to offer.

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