Ozone Uno V2 6m 2017 Kitesurfing Review

Ozone Uno V2 6m 2017

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At A Glance

Ozone have long been looking at ways to make our kitesurfing journeys easier and more accessible. The Uno was launched to fulfil a gap created with the need for a straightforward and safe inflatable trainer kite for those to practise their initial kite skills, and for smaller children who just do not need a full sized kitesurf kite.

Now available in 3 sizes, the Uno V2 has all the tech of a full sized kite such as the high-end Teijin Technoforce D2 and Teijin Dacron, One pump inflation system and a large sized inflate/deflate valve for super speedy setup. There are low profile aerodynamic scuff pads and reinforcements in key areas, which can be especially useful for a trainer style kite when it is more likely to be crashed!

The Uno V2 behaves the same as a standard LEI but in a small and easy to use package. Featuring only one strut and a skinny Leading Edge, the Uno V2 is super light weight and efficient.

Sizes: 2.5, 4, 6m

The Bar

The Uno V2 can be flown with the Contact Control Bar, or, as we had, the ‘kids’ Compact Contact bar. Only 38cm long, the Compact Contact bar is short and as the name says; compact. Featuring a smaller throw, it is perfect for younger riders with shorter arms. A tiny chicken loop is also part of the package, keeping everything just that bit closer; no ‘loosing’ the bar. Should you wish to change to a slightly larger (regular) sized loop, it is a super quick and simple conversion.

The bar itself has a soft EVA grip with chunky bar ends which are again comfy to hold your hand against and is relatively narrow. This is important obviously for those with smaller hands as they can grip better.

“A huge wind range, fantastic performance and great value.”

The Megatron Chicken Loop is of a smaller size on the Compact Contact Control Bar, keeping the entire bar system closer to the rider. The release works in the same way as its bigger brother, with minimal pressure used to push the large safety release away to flat the kite onto 1 line. This is incredibly simple and safe with a very clear safety release which is easy to use.

There is a simple cleat system in play for the depower. It is close enough to the rider, thanks to the shorter centre line, for them to adjust on the go themselves and provides a huge change in the power output resulting in a mammoth wind range on the one kite.

In The Air

The Uno V2 gets flying in the lightest of breezes. Due to the lightweight nature of the kite, it will still sit at the edge of the window without ever falling or luffing into the power zone. For initial flying, the Uno V2 is incredibly stable and responsive, with a massive difference when pulling the bar in or pushing away. This is great for control and knowing you can quite literally ‘dump’ the power mid flight.

Riding with the Uno V2 is a joy. Our junior riders commented on the ease of use for simply flying the kite out into the water. The power delivery is smooth and as expected with the Uno V2. With such a difference of power through the bar throw, the rider can very easily ‘power up’ to keep themselves riding where their experience or board skill may let them down, and likewise ‘depower’ to more or less instantly stop the pull. The bar pressure is light but with good feedback.

On such a small and simple kite you would think there would be no performance, but we were very pleasantly surprised with the Uno V2. The power delivery is incredibly smooth, and you are able to generate some great speed with the kite by flying it aggressively. Riding upwind is easy, and no different to your regular kite, by simply letting the bar out slightly the kite moves round well to the edge of the wind window and powers upwind.

Moving on to some jumping with the Uno V2 and the kite proves how versatile it is. The kite will get you up in the air and keep you hanging, but it certainly won’t take you massively high. This is a great confidence booster for the Juniors starting on their riding who will know that they will never get to scary heights but still have enough time in the air to perfect those spins and grabs.

Relaunching with the Uno V2 is just incredible. The more trainer style of the kite ensures it is ready and waiting for you, or by putting a tiny bit of pressure on either of the back line the kite will swiftly move to the edge of the window before relaunching.

For those riders who are keen for a bit of unhooked action, the Uno V2 really surprised us here. Its stability and power at the edge of the window provided a great kite for learning raleys and other basic unhooked moves. There is no massive blast of power, but it’s perfect to get your core unhooking skills down before moving on to a higher performance kite.


There is a huge wind range with the Uno V2, the performance far exceeds expectations, and it is fantastically simple.


With three sizes on offer, it is great for smaller kids; we would love to see perhaps an 8 meter which would open up the beauty of the Uno V2 to slightly larger kids in less wind.


The perfect trainer kite for Junior riders, and adults, who want a kite to learn and progress within the safest of ways. A huge wind range, fantastic performance and great value.


This review was in Issue 63 of IKSURFMAG.

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By Robin and Sukie
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