CrazyFly Cruze 17m 2017 Kitesurfing Review

CrazyFly Cruze 17m 2017

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At A Glance

CrazyFlys Cruze is back once again, ready to get you out kiting in the super light winds we all have to deal with. At 15, 17 and 19meters, they are big kites, but made to feel less by the lightweight nature and shape of the kite which aids speed through the air with minimal drag and resistance.

CrazyFly have now added the proven Double Ripstop to the canopy which aside from being lighter and of the same strength, it actually allows 30% less air to penetrate the canopy which would mean an additional 30% of power being generated by that air now being trapped.

The Cruze is all about weight saving to get flying in those super marginal winds. Logos have been sewn into the canopy rather than printed, and larger panels have been placed on the Leading Edge to reduce the amount to seams and thread used to eliminate even the smallest weights.

A Flat-Delta shape with a relatively high aspect ratio, the Cruze has been designed to get you riding, jumping and even a bit of freestyle in those light winds.

"Huge power in super light winds, and a massive amount of depower."

Sizes: 15, 17, 19m

The Bar

The Sick Bar has had a major overhaul for 2017, and the result is pretty special, not only in looks but technicality too. A very stylish all blue design, which perfectly matches the colour of the kite we had, was made even better by the uncannily soft leather grip which coats the Monocoque full carbon bar.

Integrated floaty bar ends keep everything simple and clean, with elastics ready to secure your lines after being wound up.
There is a simple cleat system in use for the depower, with handy Velcro to keep everything tidy should you be fully depowered. The centre line itself is coated in long-lasting and durable PU. This provides a very smooth movement through the bar, the insert of which is made with hardwearing stainless steel.

The release is an industry standard push away, and is definitely one of the easiest we’ve had in terms of reassembly; something very important when wanting to get back into action quickly. A moulded donkey stick means it will always be in the correct place, and the safety leash can be connected to either ‘release’ or ‘suicide’ both in a clean and simple way.

The bar has been entirely manufactured in Europe, and the push away quick release conforms to the French safety norm AFNOR NF S52-503, so you know it has been tested to the highest standards.

In The Air

Thankfully the kite is quick to set up due to the extra large inflation valve; we were out on the water in no time. The Cruze sits well at all points of the window with no luffing whatsoever.
Powering off the bar pressure is surprisingly light, but does require some stronger input to initiate a turn.

Being a 17meter kite, there is a lot of material to get moving upwind and the kite does pull downwind quite hard, but by pulling in some of the trim the kite nudges forward those few extra degrees to get you powering upwind well.

The range on the Cruze is massive. The Sick bar provides a great depower cleat which really pulls the nose of the kite forward to reduce the power. We were surprised by just how big the range was! This is great as with a lot of big kites you quickly become overpowered and have to change down, not so with the Cruze.

Moving onto some jumping action and we had a blast with the Cruze. A very chilled experience, it will certainly get you floating about, but without any ripping off the water or free falling back down. We also had a great time freestyling on the Cruze. It offers solid power unhooked, and it allows you to concentrate on yourself and your board rather than worry about the kite. Do make sure to grip hard on the bar though as it can be a little slippy while it is still new.

Relaunching the Cruze is quick and efficient, no hanging around. Even in super light winds it just needs a little coaxing round the the edge of the window where it will easily roll over and pop back into the sky.


Huge power in super light winds, and a massive amount of depower should the wind pick up.


We had one of the clips pop off a One-Pump tube. Though relatively common it was quite tricky to put back on.
There is also quite a bit of downwind pull in the Cruze, though it does de-power well which will pull the kite further round the window, it will be more suited to an aggressive style rider who will be able to get the most out of it.


A very dependable light wind kite with an incredible range. Three different sizes will ensure there is the correct one for every rider. Excellent performance for some cruising, jumps or even popping a few unhooked moves when you previously would have been sat on the beach.


This review was in Issue 63 of IKSURFMAG.

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By Robin and Sukie
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