CrazyFly Sculp 9m 2017 Kitesurfing Review

CrazyFly Sculp 9m 2017

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At A Glance

CrazyFly's kite range has gone from strength to strength over the past few years, and the Sculp is a product of that progression. Featuring three struts, a simple bridle system and a flat delta shape; the CrazyFly Sculp has been designed as a one kite do it all machine.

CrazyFly have upped their game of late in both design, but most notably the construction of their kites. The Sculp features a new Double Ripstop which has a new coating increasing its strength by 30%. Reinforcement is where it's needed but nothing over the top, reducing the weight making the kite incredibly efficient. The one pump system and large inflate valve means speedy and effortless setup and pack down.

Not usually something of note, but the Sculp comes in a most excellent technical backpack, with plenty of space for the kite without squashing it too much, and pockets for your keys and the included repair pack. It also features a handy mesh section allowing any sand and water to drain away rather than sitting with your kite.

The Bar

The Sick Bar has had a major overhaul for 2017, and the result is pretty special, not only in looks but technicality too. A very stylish all blue design, which perfectly matches the colour of the kite we had, was made even better by the uncannily soft leather grip which coats the Monocoque full carbon bar. Integrated floaty bar ends keep everything simple and clean, with elastics ready to secure your lines after being wound up.

There is a great simple cleat system in use for the depower, with handy Velcro to keep everything tidy should you be fully depowered. The centre line itself is coated in long-lasting and durable PU. This provides a very smooth movement through the bar, the insert of which is made with hardwearing stainless steel.

The release is an industry standard push away, and is definitely one of the easiest we’ve had in terms of reassembly; something very important when wanting to get back into action quickly. A moulded donkey stick means it will always be in the correct place, and the safety leash can be connected to either ‘release’ or ‘suicide’ both in a clean and simple way.

The bar has been entirely manufactured in Europe, and the push away quick release conforms to the French safety norm AFNOR NF S52-503, so you know it has been tested to the highest standards.

In The Air

The CrazyFly Sculp, is a great fun confidence inspiring kite. Simple and effective, it does exactly what you want when you want. A very solid and stable power delivery at all points of the wind window, from the outset, we knew exactly where the kite was at any given time, with a firm and direct feedback through the bar.

As you dive the kite through the initial stroke, there is no sudden jerk of power, rather a solid build up which pulls you up out of the water and gets you cruising off in no time. The delta shape lends itself to going upwind well, and even in the lighter winds we were pleasantly surprised by the angles achieved and the sheer amount of 'grunt' the kite possesses.

The kite behaves differently depending on how you fly it. Being calm with it will create a calm and relaxed flying experience, whereas the more aggressive and hands on you become, the kite will give more and more back. This is a fantastic trait for those looking for a kite they can progress with for a range of activities.
With the bar pulled right in, the kite powerfully pivots on the spot then drives back through the window, or keep the bar sheeted out a little for a more powerful turn. This works well in the waves where you want that pivotal turn, but also sometimes need the kite to pull you quickly out of tricky situations.

Floaty and powerful, you glide through the air with ease

The depower itself works very well. The above bar cleat system is very tidy, and also very efficient, allowing you to stay on the water a good few knots more than you would expect. Jumping with the Sculp is just lovely. Floaty and powerful, you glide through the air with ease. It won't shoot you up with force, but does keep you hanging for quite some time. And even in the lighter winds provided enough float for some great fun old school moves. The kite is not at all twitchy, and requires solid input from the rider, so should your timings be slightly wrong there will not be dire consequences.

Looping the Sculp is a really fun experience. You will certainly fly forward with force, but without the off balancing throw of some higher performance kites. Unhooking is good, although as a flatter style delta kite this is not its only purpose. The kite stays steady and pulls solidly at all points, and the super comfy bar makes the entire process enjoyable.

Relaunching the Sculp is simply a pleasure. Again the Delta shape comes into its own here, and the kite will almost roll over and get ready to go again without any assistance. In the lighter winds, a tiny but of guidance is needed on one of the back lines, but you certainly do not need to be hauling the line in for the kite to pop back up again.


The bar is simply fantastic, simple, stylish and very comfy to hold. The kite itself has a massive wind range, tremendous power, simple relaunch and great fun flying capabilities for a range of conditions and disciplines.


Not quite as much unhooked freestyle capabilities as other kites in this category, but this is outweighed by the user friendliness of the kite.


The 2017 Sculp is an incredibly tidy and easy to use package. Fantastic for those looking for one kite for a bit of everything. The comfiest bar we have had the pleasure of using, and just a brilliant fun riding experience.


This review was in Issue 59 of IKSURFMAG.

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By Robin and Sukie
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