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CrazyFly Hyper 9m 2021

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At A Glance

The Hyper 2021 is the newest edition of the renowned big air machine from CrazyFly. The kite design is a 5 strut, delta bow shape, which translates to great hangtime and boosting capabilities! CrazyFly is a leading kite manufacturer since 1999. Based in Europe, the brand is known for having the longest warranty in the kite market: 3 years which has been their policy since 2019. Furthermore, CrazyFly has taken a firm stand against climate change by becoming one of the leading eco-friendly manufacturers in the industry: all their kites, bars and boards come in eco-friendly packaging, which is great!

One thing that has changed from the 2020 model is the bridle placement. This has added strength and structure to the kite. They have also incorporated the same ripstop material that is found in other kites in its line-up into the Hyper. This new material, called Triplex, is exclusive to CrazyFly. This consists of a coating on the top that protects the kite from UV rays, salt and other abrasive materials like sand. The triple coating and triple ripstop prolongs the life of a kite by reducing stretching and deterioration of the material. Also, this offers some of the best strength to weight ratio of any ripstop on the market. The frame is made from heavy-duty Dacron, adding structure and strength to the kite in order to create stability in the air and dynamic input into the kite.

The designers at CrazyFly have made the 2021 Hyper lighter than previous models. The panels in the kite have been combined to reduce weight. For example, the 2021 Hyper 12m is 0.4 kg lighter than the 2020 (which was already extremely lightweight for a 5 strut kite)! This reduced weight, however, does not come at the expense of any performance capabilities, with the 2021 kite having the same rigidity and structural soundness that you would expect to find with any CrazyFly kite.

Furthermore, the Hyper 2021 includes an airlock valve in the kite. This valve is super easy to use and deflates instantly, which is a bonus with a 5 strut kite! Contact with abrasive surfaces can seriously damage the kite’s material and so CrazyFly has incorporated Arptex into all their kites. This green and black material is added to all the common contact point such as the wingtips and strut connection points to prevent damage to the kite.

Sizes: 7, 9, 10, 12, 15m

In The Air

The first thing that I noticed when using the 2021 Hyper is the sheer amount of lift that it generates. The kite offers a huge sweet spot for jumping, which means that you can send the kite overhead, pull, and the Hyper will keep you elevated for a ridiculous amount of time. The new high aspect Hyper 2021 is really a sheet and go kite, this is where the 2021 Hyper comes into its own. For those riders who want to do some old school tricks such as board offs or steezy grabs, this is the kite for you. The outlandish amount of hangtime that the kite produces allows these tricks to almost feel easy.

When jumping big, the Hyper is very stable in the air. If you’re coming down from a boost, the kite is very predictable and does not suffer from back stalling. During my time with the Hyper, I went out in some pretty gusty conditions and when jumping sometimes the wind would drop mid-jump, but the kite held its position in the window seriously well, meaning that I felt confident to boost. Even if the kite starts to come overhead during a boost, the Hyper loops really well which allowed me to down loop with ease to save those jumps. If you are a rider who wants a do-it-all kite, this kite may not be for you, due to the high-performance nature of the kite. But the Hyper does what it says on the tin: send you to the stratosphere and keep you there for what seems like an age! If you want to foil, ride strapless and big air, I would recommend a less aggressive, 3 strut kite such as the Sculp 2021 from CrazyFly.

Those riders who are looking for a smooth and powerful loop are in for a treat when they get their hands on the new Hyper. I was lucky enough to test the 9m and boy does this kite pull like a train when looped. One slight issue of previous models was that they did not have a direct response when turned. However, this year’s model has had its back line attachments refined and moved directly onto the leading edge. Consequently, the kite turns much faster than last year, meaning that loops are super easy to do.

Not all sessions are a golden, constant 30-knot breeze, though. Therefore, a kite has to have a good low-end range. This can be an issue for some five strut kites, as they are heavy by nature. However, the new Hyper has a great low-end grunt, which was achieved by tuning the bridles, reducing the overall weight, and the new placement of the steering lines.


This kite is for those who want to go big, really big. The Hyper 2021 offers a huge amount of lift and big, powerful looping capabilities. The Hyper will really let people send it as hard as they want: the possibilities with big air and old school tricks are endless. The new Hyper is a great addition for anyone looking for a powerful big air machine in their quiver!


This review was in Issue 87 of IKSURFMAG.

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By Oscar McCall

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