Slingshot Rally GT V2 10m 2021 Kitesurfing Review

Slingshot Rally GT V2 10m 2021

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At A Glance

Slingshots Rally GT V2 is an update on a loved classic. A tried and tested design, it has been revamped for 2021 to ensure a longer lasting kite with a bigger wind range and more usable performance. A 3 strut future Retro-C design, it is a proven shape to get the most out of all conditions with versatile performance for all. The wingtips on the Rally GT V2 are swept which aids relaunch capabilities and response in the air.

New for this V2, the leading edge has been reduced in diameter which makes a faster kite in the sky, upwind, and also a lighter feeling through the bar. Slingshot have now also started to use the higher strength 4x4 canopy material from ripstop giant Teijin. This offers an even stronger kite which will last you longer and hold itself well in all manner of gusty winds.

The smaller sizes of the Rally GT V2 use the 4 point IRS bridle system which is a bungee system on the lowest Leading Edge bridle attachment, whereas sizes 9-14meter feature the 4 point pulleyed IRS bridle resulting in lighter flight, superior relaunch and harder upwind angles.

Split strut technology and surf tough construction are standard as you would expect from a Slingshot kite, and multiple attachment points on both the front and back bridles allow you to customise the feel of your kite even more.

Sizes: 5,6,7,8,9,10,12,14 meters

The Bar

Long awaited and very much welcomed is the new Slingshot Sentry V1 Bar. Gone has the more industrial style bar we have gotten used to with the Compstick, and in comes a modern, stylish bar packed with various high performing systems.

Starting at the chicken loop, Slingshot have gone for a moulded click in style loop, which ensures a stress free release and reassemble movement, and a solid connection between you and your kite. The PU covered centre lines run through parallel bar inserts to allow for a clever untwist on the go feature to keep everything clear and free at all points by simply pulling the bar toward you. The PU covered centre and safety line ensure the movement is fluid even when sheeting and turning simultaneously.

The bar itself comes in 3 different sizes, and is covered with an ergonomic Ultra-Soft EVA Grip, which for those used to the somewhat firmer Compstick of old will be very grateful! Moulded bar ends with integrated floats make the package look grown up and professional.

The cleat system in use on the Sentry V1 bar is intuitive and simple to use in all winds, with an easy to grip pull toggle, even if wearing gloves mid-winter when dexterity may not be at its highest.

In The Air

As with all Slingshot gear, you know it will last. The build quality is second to none, and with the new 4x4 canopy material and Sentry V1 bar, the entire package has jumped up a notch in terms of quality and feel.

The Rally GT V2 has had its leading edge noticeably decreased in diameter which has resulted in a faster more precise kite. From the first flight the kite felt light through the bar, with a constant pull through the harness keeping you feeling supported at all points.

A very smooth power delivery from the Rally GT V2, no sudden onsets of power nor lulls; the power is predictable and comfortable. The kite flies upwind well, the feedback in your harness again ensuring a connected feeling at all points. The Rally GT V2 we found to be a great confidence inspiring kite. It is the kind of kite you could jump on having not been kitesurfing for 6 months and know that there will be no nasty surprises and everything works exactly as it should.

Relaunching the Rally GT V2 was exceptionally easy. The kite simply rolls on to its side and waits for your input. In super light winds the slightly heavier design will require a bit of input, however this is not a light wind specific kite so chances are you would not be out in those kinds of conditions.

There is a huge wind range on this kite. The low end has certainly increased, but it is once into the powered category we feel the kite performs its best, and can be held into some much stronger winds than you may first feel. The depower from the Sentry V1 bar really makes the whole process much smoother here with the easy to use cleat and clean bar.

Jumping and old school freeride fun is a blast on the Rally GT V2. The feedback through both the harness and the bar keep you connected, and there is some sizable height to be achieved once your timing is nailed. That said, it is one of those kites where even if things are not quite perfect, you can generally pull through and sort yourself by landing keeping you looking cool even if you are not quite sure what is going on!

A fun more pivotal loop really gets you started in this part of your kiting, and the same in terms of freestyle; a great kite to learn the basics of raleys before moving on to a more specific kite.


The Rally GT V2 is a classic Slingshot Kite with its bombproof construction and no nonsense ease of use. Thanks to its all-round freeride performance this would be an excellent choice for those starting out and progressing through their freeride kitesurfing career. The kite will hold up to years of abuse, and with the new thinner leading edge and 4x4 material the range of each size has been considerably extended with fantastic freeride performance.

This review was in Issue 86 of IKSURFMAG.

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By Sukie Robertson

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