Ozone Alpha V2 10m 2021 Kitesurfing Review

Ozone Alpha V2 10m 2021

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At A Glance

With many people wanting to get more time on the water (even in light winds) and the travel restrictions making places with consistently strong winds harder to access, the popularity of single strut kites has increased exponentially. As most kiters’ local spots do not have as consistent a breeze as they would like, people are looking for a “do it all” kite for all conditions. We believe that the new Alpha V2 ticks this box.

The Alpha V2 is the new and improved iteration of the popular single strut Alpha V1 from Ozone kites. Ozone releases its kites every time they think that they have made a significant improvement on the previous model, which allows the kite to keep its value for resale. Now that Ozone has released the new Catalyst V3 with a single strut, you’d be forgiven for thinking the Alpha was not needed anymore. However, we can tell you that these kites are vastly different to each other. The Alpha V2 is far more performance orientated. The main improvement on this model from its predecessor is the inclusion of the new Continuous Curve Leading Edge construction; the leading edge is one continuous arc, as opposed to the different straight segments found in other kites. We can tell you that this is a game-changer in leading edge design as it reduces drag and turbulent airflow, making it super steady in all wind conditions.

Furthermore, the new version of the Alpha introduces a new and improved ripstop canopy with an advanced ultra-flex coating, allowing better feedback and increasing the kite’s longevity compared to the V1. Additionally, the Alpha V2 strut projects far further into the window than the V1, thanks to the new leading edge shape.

The Alpha V2 also has the new Fast Flow One-Pump Inflation System, which has also been introduced to the new Enduro V3 and Catalyst V3. This new system has a much bigger valve than the older model, allowing a higher volume one pump system. For the rider, this means a super quick inflate and deflate of the strut.

The much-loved Variable Bridle Geometry is maintained in the new Alpha. This allows riders to change their bridle length and bar pressure without the need for extra lines! For example, the bridles can be set to freestyle (lower setting) or freeride (standard setting) mode – this can be done very quickly and easily.

Additionally, the Alpha V2 packs down into an incredibly small and light package due to the single strut construction, allowing users to travel lighter with this ultimate travel companion – a handy feature for when we are allowed to travel again! Finally, the kite comes standard with a lightweight compression bag that protects the kite and reduces weight when travelling. This is helpful to avoid exceeding weight allowances on flights, meaning you can bring more toys when travelling!

The Alpha V2 comes in 3 colours: orange, blue, and green, and, as with all Ozone kites, custom colours can be requested. The kite also has the fresh graphics seen with Ozone’s new Catalyst V3 and the Enduro V3.

Sizes: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16m

On The Water

When flying the kite, it was immediately evident how well it sits in the window. When launching the kite in light winds, you may be surprised how well this kite sits above your head. The V2 also relaunches super easily in all conditions - when pulling the re-launch ball, the kite smoothly turns into the relaunch position.

The Alpha V2 is extremely well-suited to foiling due to the great low-end performance, made possible by the lightweight design of the kite. For the test, I used a 10M, which flew really well for foiling at around 10-12 knots. The Alpha V2’s new leading edge construction is very noticeable when flying the kite in light wind compared to other single strut kites. The smooth arc from wingtip to wingtip matched with the Transverse Sail Shaping shines at reducing drag, hence, making the kite tremendously stable even in the lightest of conditions! Furthermore, the kite delivers direct feedback down to the rider and is also very predictable. Adding to this amazing foiling capability is the way that it can de-power - the V2 really excels with this. If you are a rider who loves a stronger wind foil session, we recommend using the Alpha V2 with shorter lines to have a great session

Additionally, the new Alpha, even when fully depowered, is super solid in the air and when letting go of the bar the kite sits in the wind happily without stalling, even in super light conditions! When looping the kite, a bit of flutter can be found (as expected with a single strut), however, this does not seem to affect the kites flying capability as much as other single strut kites. This is due to the new leading edge shape and kite shape.

For those who want to do a bit of wave riding as well, the Alpha V2 allows superb drift for a single strut and the predictability of it grants you the ability to put the kite where you need it, for a cut back for instance. Also, the kite offers a very smooth loop with not too much power for any gybe transitions in foiling or wave riding.

The Alpha V2 is not only a foil/wave specialist but also surprises in its freeride capabilities. For a single strut kite, it jumps extremely well, with great hangtime and a smooth lift due to the direct feedback of the kite. However, it won’t jump as big and loop as well as some of the specialist kites that Ozone offers such as the Edge V10. But for those who want a super easy, lightweight and predictable kite, the Alpha V2 will suit them very well.


As Ozone says, the Alpha V2 is truly a winner for any quiver. The new design adds lightweight materials, and the new leading edge construction really makes this kite stand out as one of the best single strut kites in the industry! The kite is a light wind and foiling machine, but also offers adequate wave and freeride possibilities! The Alpha V2 is best paired with the Contact Water V4 bar from Ozone to unlock its full potential.


This review was in Issue 87 of IKSURFMAG.

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By Oscar McCall

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