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Naish Kiteboarding Boxer 8m 2017

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At A Glance

The Boxer may be a name you remember from the Naish range, the original C-shape Boxer or the Boxer SLE. Well, forget all previous versions, the 2017 Boxer is here, hugely revamped and updated.

Targeting the freeride and foiling disciplines for 2017 the Boxer is a single strut compact C shape design with swept tips. The characteristics should give the Boxer a forgiving yet precise feel through the bar. Heading down the foiling route, Naish have spent some time working on the profile of this kite, which evolves across the canopy to deliver the light wind stability.

Naish have been jamming a lot of new technology and construction features into their kites this year, and we see these come across to the Boxer. Quad-Tex quadruple ripstop makes this kite bomb-proof, the Shark Teeth feature on the trailing edge reduces flutter while keeping weight down, Easy Access Zippers on the Octopus system make bladder repairs a doddle, Moulded TE reinforcements and Bumpers also keep the kite protected when moving it on the beach. This kite is absolutely packed with tech.

Coming in one colour way for 2017 the Boxer is Blue and Yellow with a Grey leading edge; it looks awesome.

“The Boxer is back and it is on form!”

Sizes: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12m.

The Bar

We took the Boxer out using the new 2017 BTB Torque Control System. The new Torque bars have undergone some serious work for this year, featuring a new release, new bar ends, new adjustable length bar ends, replaceable bar centre and many configuration options to suit you the riders.

The bar is incredibly robust yet comfortable when you get your hands on it; quality has been a focus here. We see a Memory Foam Core under the grip making the bar very comfortable to use, a Hytrel Hard Chicken Loop which gives a more direct feel when hooking in and out, aircraft grade aluminium is used for the main body of the bar, and this makes it stiff and very durable. One of our favourite additions to the 2017 Torque Control Systems is the Fusion Bar Ends, these are moulded EVA and Hytrel bar ends, not only do they look amazing they also add the option to adjust the size of the bar (18” - 20”).

The Torque Smart Loop is incredibly simple and quick to use, releasing immediately and clipping back in takes no time at all. We can use this in either standard mode or suicide mode. Ideal for those riders who unhook but want reliable safety while on the shore.

The bar has a large centre line giving us the ability to depower huge amounts on the fly. The BTB depower cleat is simple to use and very precise for trimming while on the water, this is also fantastic for those smaller riders and youths who struggle to reach modern above the bar depower systems.

In The Air

I could start off by saying just how well the Boxer handled the gusty winds, remaining stable and manageable throughout that session, however, I’m going to divert straight onto the light wind stability and performance of the Boxer. It flies incredibly well at its lower end, with very minimal back stall, making it a reliable choice when foiling. Smaller riders and youngsters often need kites that perform in lower winds and the 2017 Boxer does that, providing power without the fear of the kite sitting in the water for your whole session.

The Boxer is fast in the sky, light to turn through the bar and very precise. Power delivery is quick yet smooth, boasting comfort for the rider. When you get down the beach amped for a chilled session and it’s gusty as, the last thing you want is a kite punching and yanking you around the beach. The Boxer excels here and soaks up the gusts.

There is plenty of depower available on the Boxer with the Torque systems and the kite remains stable and manoeuvrable throughout. When foiling the kite is very forgiving, it sits far out to the edge and when turning or looping the downwind pull is minimal. Relaunch is also amazing on the Boxer, easy and quick. Light wind relaunch stood out a lot, very good.

In terms of how much you can push the Boxer, it will do whatever you want it to do however it's not going to be the kite loop king or a woo record breaker. But for those wanting a kite that will make every session, they have comfortable, simple and a blast it's one to take a look at. It still boosts very well for a single strut kite.


Reassuringly stable, responsive and easy to use when pushing the lower limits foiling or even in strong gusty winds.


There’s nothing we could fault with the Boxer. Although my personal preference would be to use the ATB Torque Control System, for myself it's naturally more instinctive to reach up to depower.


The Boxer is a model we expect to see continue for years to come in the Naish range, it’s back and on form! This single strut kite is robust yet lightweight, stable, direct and has huge amounts of depower. The 2017 Boxer makes riding simple; an ideal freeride kite for beginners to intermediates and a solid contender for anyone wanting to hit the water on a foil. A brilliant kite for kids to use too!


This review was in Issue 63 of IKSURFMAG.

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By Robin and Sukie
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