Naish Kiteboarding Phoenix 2023 Kitesurfing Review

Naish Kiteboarding Phoenix 2023

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Introducing the Phoenix, a new addition to the Naish lineup. Designed to cater to kite enthusiasts in search of incredible height, this 5-strut big air kite delivers massive boosts. Experience long gliding jumps and smooth landings with this sheet-in-and-boost kite. The Phoenix boasts medium bar pressure and a fixed bridle, guaranteeing stability, excellent control, and a direct connection to your kite. You'll always know where your kite is in the air, instilling confidence with every jump. With its high aspect and open arc design, the Phoenix provides the power to lift you up and keep you soaring. Glide through the sky effortlessly with the Phoenix at your side.

To ensure durability, the molded strut ends offer additional reinforcements, protecting the struts from natural wear and tear. The High V Adapter alters the kite's shape slightly, giving it a more c-shaped form. This adjustment enables the kite to execute pivotal turns, perfect for riders looking to perform megaloops. The bumpers safeguard the canopy during inflation, launch, and landing, preventing unnecessary wear and tear. The 2-ply trailing edge effectively disperses canopy flutter, reducing damage and enhancing the kite's longevity.

Thanks to its fixed bridle, which lacks a pulley, the shape of the kite remains locked, providing direct feedback from the bar to the kite. The Quad-Tex Ripstop fabric utilized in the Phoenix's construction is impressively durable, ensuring a strong and stiff canopy that can withstand the harshest conditions. Our high-tensile thread reinforces the leading edge seam, allowing for higher pressure inflation and improved flying performance. Seam protection and reinforcement further fortify the leading edge. The streamlined valve and pump hose secure tightly to the valve, streamlining the inflation process. Our one-point inflation system allows for quick and effortless inflation and deflation of the kite.

Experience a more powerful and well-balanced kite with the distribution of tension facilitated by the Phoenix. The kite's profile evolves along the wingspan, allowing the center sections to generate power while the flatter tips minimize drag, leading to faster turning. To maintain a smooth, curved shape and reduce sharp edges on the kite's arc, short linear segments accurately form the kite's arch.

In summary, the Phoenix is Naish's latest addition to their lineup, offering kiters seeking high-flying adventures a 5-strut big air kite. With its long gliding jumps, smooth landings, and stable control, paired with the durability and innovation in its construction, this kite is sure to inspire confidence and deliver an exhilarating experience in the sky.


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