Naish Kiteboarding Dash 2023 Kitesurfing Review

Naish Kiteboarding Dash 2023

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The Dash kite is designed to help riders showcase their skills and stand out from the rest. It is specifically made for fast and aggressive riders who love pushing their limits. The Dash is versatile, allowing for kite loops and unhooked moves, while still allowing riders to express their personal style. Its standout features include powerful jumping abilities and ultra-fast turning capabilities. This year's Dash has been improved with a reduced panel count and seams, making it lighter, yet still highly durable.

They have implemented a pulley-less bridle system, which ensures direct bar feel. This kite also excels in its top-end performance due to its forward flying in the window. The Quad-Tex Ripstop Fabric used for the canopy is both stiff and strong. The Trailing Edge Reinforcements play a crucial role in dispersing canopy flutter, while the leading edge along the seam is fortified with high-tensile thread.

To protect the struts, molded strut ends have been added, and aramid patches have been incorporated to reinforce the seams. The One Point Inflation System allows for quick and easy inflation and deflation through 9mm hoses. The diagonal load seam helps distribute kite tension, creating a powerful and balanced kite. The Anti-Stiction Window enables easy relaunch by allowing water to drain instantly.

The progressive profile of the Dash is designed to generate power in the center sections, while the flatter tips minimize drag and allow for faster turning. The radial segmented arc accurately forms the kite's arch, leading to balanced and precise flying characteristics.

In summary, the Dash is a versatile and powerful kite, suitable for fast and aggressive riders. Its features such as a pulley-less bridle system, top-end performance, and reinforced construction make it a durable and reliable choice. With its ability to showcase personal style and its impressive jumping and turning capabilities, the Dash is sure to impress riders who have a need for speed.


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