Naish Kiteboarding Torch 2023 Kitesurfing Review

Naish Kiteboarding Torch 2023

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The Torch, a renowned kite in the Naish line, has consistently impressed freestyle and big-air enthusiasts for over a decade. It is the only kite that has emerged victorious in King of the Air, Freestyle World Championships, and the Kite Park League World Title competitions. The Torch's reputation for unparalleled quality and performance remains steadfast. Its smooth power delivery and precise handling ensure a predictable flying experience. Especially designed for freestyle enthusiasts, the Torch offers a slack line after loading, making handle passes effortless. Its exceptional stability and drift open up endless possibilities in the park. If you are ready to take your kiting skills to the next level, the Torch is the perfect choice.

They have developed a kite tension distribution system that enhances power and balance. By evolving the profile along the wingspan, the center sections generate substantial power, while the flatter tips reduce drag and enable faster turning.

Inflation and deflation are made quick and easy through 9 mm hoses. Furthermore, the leading edge is fortified with a high-tensile thread along the seam, allowing for confident inflation to higher pressures and consequently improving flying characteristics.

The Torch's arch is formed by short linear segments, ensuring precise shaping of the kite.

In summary, the Torch is a reliable and high-performing kite that has been embraced by freestyle and big-air enthusiasts for its smooth power, precise handling, and exceptional stability. With its impressive track record in competitions and innovative design features, the Torch is the perfect choice for those looking to elevate their kiting experience.

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