Paul Serin

Paul Serin

Pro Rider | 4,392

2 days ago

F-ONE always deliver when it comes to good movies and we can't wait to watch LOS SIETE EN BAJA: An F-ONE road trip movie across…

2 months ago

F-ONE's WTF?! has been designed from the ground up to be the ultimate freestyle competition machine and has been developed to allow you to perform…

2 months ago

15 years later, the F-ONE design crew have once again put an astounding amount of work to create the best kiting experience for all riders…

2 months ago

F-ONE crew; Mitu Monteiro, Liam Whaley, Maxime Chabloz, Marcela Witt, Paul Serin, and Hendrick Lopes show off F-ONE's 2022 kite line-up! Entirely designed to suit…

6 months ago

When winter comes, you can trust that MANERA products will keep you toasty when the winds are strong, the swell is good, and nobody is…

9 months ago

Was this the ultimate “quarantino flick” to come out of lockdown? We think so! The Manera crew jump in a camper and head off around…

9 months ago

The annual movie from F-ONE is always one we look forward to, this year the team had to look closer to home for a location.…

11 months ago

Paul Serin is no stranger to Big Air, but will he make it to the 2021 King of the Air? We'll find out! Best of…

11 months ago

The F-ONE Team head to Corsica to shoot the new gear, with worldwide travel up in the air the decision was made to stay closer…

11 months ago

THIS SUNDAY - The F-ONE crew are releasing the FULL MOVIE - LIBECCIO. Watch the crew, including Liam Whaley, Maxime Chabloz, Marcela Witt, Mika Fernandez,…

12 months ago

When you think of the trips the MANERA crew have taken over the years, you imagine spots like last years the Kamchatka Peninsula This year’s…

12 months ago

Dropping October 18th! MANERA trips are always associated with an atypical destination in a relatively cold place. Last year, the Kamchatka Peninsula was incredible! This…

Issue 89

Celebrating the 15th anniversary of the BANDIT, the F-ONE team packs their bags and heads south of the border to Mexico's Baja, California, for what promises to be a spicy product shoot! Find out what happened on Carretera Federal 1!

1 week ago
Issue 84

Every year, Manera releases a video from an other-worldly location that is undeniably breathtaking. This year, the team had to get creative to find a way to tell an exceptional story while being locked down. Did they find magic close to home? Click here to dive into their French adventure.

10 months ago
Issue 81

This issue F-ONE get issued with the same questions, but as ever the answers are always different. Find out what makes the brand tick and where their ethos lies right here!

1 year ago
Issue 79

Paul Serin heads to Mozambique, one of kitesurfing's lesser-known destinations, although after reading this you might be wanting to book some tickets, it's littered with amazing spots that are just waiting for you!

2 years ago
Issue 73

Join the Manera crew as they stay salty, and head to the far northern Scottish islands to discover some of the best kitespots on the planet. It might be cold, but it’s as near to perfection as you can get!

3 years ago
Issue 70

Incredible images with no particular place to go.

3 years ago
Issue 57

More images with no particular place to go this issue!

5 years ago
Issue 56

More images with no particular place to go this issue!

6 years ago
Issue 50

At the sharp end of our sport there has been a major upheaval, Rou Chater investigates the changes that the Virgin brand is bringing to kitesurfing on the world tour...

7 years ago

World Tour Kitesurfer,
3x French Champion
4th World GKA 2018.

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