Keahi de Aboitiz

Keahi de Aboitiz

Pro Rider | 17,025

2 weeks ago

35 minutes of PURE entertainment! This film is for all the #KitersInIsolation at the moment! Times are tough, and some of us might, undoubtedly, be…

2 months ago

The spotlight is on Keahi de Aboitiz in the latest episode of 'Sessions with Moona'. 3x Kite-Surf World Champion, Moona Whyte, goes behind the camera…

3 months ago

Moona’s vlogs are ALWAYS fun to watch! In this one, she teams up with Keahi De Aboitiz in the Marshall Islands, and they explore the…

4 months ago

Keahi de Aboitiz takes a trip down memory lane in this interview with Ataoride. Find out how it all began for Keahi and revisit some…

5 months ago

Round one of the men's single elimination has kicked-off and we're in for a treat. The strong and smooth wind of Prea is already inspiring…

5 months ago

In this new episode of 'Sessions with Moona', 3x Kite-Surf World Champion Moona Whyte takes us on a foil session on the new Autopilot board…

6 months ago

The challenge of speed, power and flow! High scores against the odds yesterday and lessons for us all in light wind performance. The challenge as…

6 months ago

Kirsty is Queen of the Desert! Welsh wildcard and now local Dakhla resident stormed to the top of yesterday's women's Kite-Surf single elimination! The big…

6 months ago

In this new episode of Sessions with Moona, 3x Kite-Surf World Champion Moona Whyte takes us to Australia where she and Keahi de Aboitiz chase…

7 months ago

A short highlight reel from the 2019 Cape Hatteras Wave Classic! Full recap video coming soon!

7 months ago

Just in case you missed the action, we've got you covered! And your winners are.... Keep an eye out for the FULL contest recap coming…

7 months ago

3x Kite-Surf World Champion Moona Whyte takes a little break from travelling in this new episode of 'Sessions with Moona' and shows us around her…

Issue 78

Rou sits down with one of the most talented watermen on the planet, Keahi de Aboitiz to talk about his new project hunting down the best waves on the earth, if you like waves, you need to check this out!

4 months ago
Issue 77

More boards and kites get put through their paces this issue, check out the best tests in the business right here, this issue we have gear on test from Eleveight, F-ONE, Cabrinha, Airush, North Kiteboarding, Shinn, CrazyFly, Peterlynn, Kitelement and Inobo! Check them out here!

6 months ago
Issue 76

Incredible images with no particular place to go.

8 months ago
Issue 74

In 2016 Rou Chater wrote an article called, Professional Kiteboarding Is Broken, he’s back to revisit it after three years to see what’s changed and how the competitive kite scene has got better in the last couple of years.

12 months ago
Issue 70

Rou Chater looks at the incredible turn of events that have led to some major changes at kitesurfing’s top table. The launch of Duotone, what’s happening with Cabrinha and the rebirth of the new North is explained right here.

2 years ago
Issue 65

Rou Chater chats to perhaps the most influential man in kiteboarding right now, Till Eberle the CEO of Boards and More. Find out what his vision is for the future of our sport and what to expect from one of the biggest kite brands in the world over the next few years.

2 years ago
Issue 64

Maui is often overlooked as a “pros’ only” destination, but it is so much more than that, one of the best kite spots in the world it should be on your kitesurfing travel list. This handy guide from James Boulding is full of tips for travellers to the hallowed island in the Pacific.

3 years ago
Issue 61

We are all different, and that's what makes life so interesting. Find out what strange things can happen when you take a bunch of pro riders and head out into the wilds of Africa to do a photo shoot…

3 years ago
Issue 59

Sometimes you just can’t find the time to kitesurf, life gets on top of you, and the stars don’t align but don’t worry, when you do finally get on the water it will be just as awesome as ever!

3 years ago
Issue 52

Rou Chater looks at the rise of Strapless Freestyle as it takes over the beach in Tarifa and leaves a legacy that is sure to continue deep into our future.

5 years ago
4 months ago
1 year ago
3 years ago

12/15/1992 Kiting, Stand up Paddling, Surfing, Cable, Wakebarding Sportsperson

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