Angely Bouillot

Angely Bouillot

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6 months ago

Awaken your inner astronaut! Launch yourself into orbit with CORE Kiteboarding's new XR6 and experience effortless cruising, record-breaking hangtime, and super smooth landings with legendary…

10 months ago

Sometimes history happens, sometimes you have to go out there and make history happen yourself. That’s what went down today in front of the Mystic…

1 year ago

Jesse Richman and Mikaili Sol set the GKA Air Games standard The first order of Sunday business, the last day of the Jeep Tarifa Pro,…

1 year ago

Want to do megaloops like this one? Then the brand new GTS5 may be for you. Check it out! Move over, Megaloop Champ. The GTS5…

1 year ago

Get to know the inside life of these pro kitesurfers from training to the competition! The project was made for Stance kiteboarding Web story from…

2 years ago

The fleet of riders signed up to the first ever GKA Kiteboarding World Tour event that will take place at the Mondial du Vent in…

3 years ago

Angely Bouillot boosts some massive airs in this sweet edit from Lolo BSD. We love the slow mo shots!

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