Marc Toth

Marc Toth

Pro Rider | 1,508

4 years ago

Join Marc Toth in his 2016 year edit. He kites in Australia, Turkey, Tarifa & Egypt! 2016 was definitely the best year of my life! I…

4 years ago

What a family trip this is! Marc Toth heads to Turkey with his brother & Dad, looks like they have a brilliant time. Who else has…

4 years ago

Check out this action packed edit from Marc Toth showing what he loves to do! He can often be found strapped in his boots and…

4 years ago

Marc Toth is a student who heads to Tarifa in the holidays. We can't think of a better place to escape to when you're bored…

4 years ago

Sliders are a big thing right now! Have you had a go yet? Join Marc Toth as he hits all sorts of awesome features in…

4 years ago

Western Australia is an amazing place to visit this time of year with the 'fremantle doctor' wind blowing a consistent 25 knots practically everyday! Join…


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