Gabi Steindl

Gabi Steindl

Pro Rider

6 months ago

This inspiring video showcases pro kiteboarder and solo adventurer Gabi Steindl exploring the playground that is Western Australia. Journey with her as she demonstrates the...

1 year ago

Don't miss the premiere of The Art of Adapting, the latest episode in ION's Write Your Own Chapter series. This inspiring video showcases pro kiteboarder...

10 years ago

For all the fully addicted ladies out there, who challenge their equipment to the maximum, ION-Products are happy to present the women´s Amp Level suits The...

Issue 97

With a massive area of 2.6 million km2 and some of Australia's most iconic landscapes, Western Australia is the home of the iconic road trip. Follow Gabi Steindl as she explores its scenic and rugged beauty, epic surf spots and one of the most pristine (and sharky!) coastlines in the world!

1 year ago
Issue 94

Lightroom Issue 94 is the place to feast your eyes on some of this issue’s best photos!

2 years ago
Issue 37

Gabi Stendl gives us the second instalment from her trip to Indo last year, checking out a secret island with Jason Walcott.

11 years ago
Issue 34

Gabi Steindl reports from the island that gave birth to her kitesurfing career, Bali.

12 years ago
Issue 31

Gabi Steindl gives us an invaluable guide to your first tentative steps towards the waves. We definitely learned something, will you?

12 years ago
Issue 28

Tom Court and Gabriele Steindl give away some trade secrets.

13 years ago

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