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Don’t miss the premiere of “The Art of Adapting,” the latest episode in ION’s “Write Your Own Chapter” series. This inspiring video showcases pro kiteboarder and solo adventurer Gabi Steindl. It reminds us that life is all about adapting to the constantly changing and unpredictable conditions that come our way. Grab a coffee and have a seat; this is a goodie!

Falling madly in love with the raw, rugged and isolated wild beauty of Australia’s largest state (2.6 million km2), she adopted Western Australia as her home shortly after.

The film tells Gabi‘s story of devoting her life to Western Australia, to its waves and embracing the coastline‘s solitude. In bold road trips to the most remote corners of the state in search of new spots, Gabi is left to her own devices, often heavily challenged by the capricious moods of the elements. Constantly adapting to Mother Nature’s rhythm and the typical rise of unexpected situations on her explorer journeys, Gabi lives and breathes for the autonomous search to pursue her passions.

On such a road trip in WA, Gabi meets Jaimen Hudson, a quadriplegic wildlife photo and videographer. After suffering a severe spinal cord injury in his teens that stopped him from enjoying most of the things he loved doing (motocross, surfing, diving etc.), Jaimen had to adapt and excelled in the challenges that life threw at him. Developing his skills to the point of becoming the award-winning drone artist he is today, Gabi proposes to Jaimen to film her kitesurfing. The two bond in an incomparable way.

Two completely different life stories, yet both are fuelled by the same strong connection to the two elements: air and water.

“The Art of Adapting” serves as a beautiful reminder that in life, just like in the surf, it’s all about impermanence and constantly adapting to the surge of always-changing and unpredictable conditions as they arise. Navigating the ebbs and flows, embracing and thriving on the continuous change of the colors on our canvas of life with its associated highs and lows, is an adventure in itself.

Seek your freedom and Write Your Own Chapter.

Fri 26th May, 2023 @ 3:00 pm


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