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17 hours ago

So you’re serious about your wavekiting and got the basics dialled? Well, there’s good news for you! The Duotone Academy has added 17 new, super…

1 day ago

Alex Buss (Kite-Surf-College Tutorials and Tricks) gives us the lowdown on how to master a front-roll hand drag in his latest tutorial.

1 day ago

World Of Whaley - Episode 4 is here! Last week, after Liam Whaley caught up with Giel Vlugt in Episode 3 (check it out if…

4 days ago

Check out the latest tutorial on the Duotone Academy App - Matchu Lopes demonstrates a 360 Backside! Steps Control your speed Initiate board rotation Switch…

5 days ago

Pearl Moon dropping soon! The film features Zac Haynes surfing the gnarliest waves around the globe. From losing a ski and surfing Irish storms to…

5 days ago

Pippa is after a cover shot in her latest vlog, and takes us along for the ride - Enjoy! One of my goals is to…

5 days ago

Giel Vlugt and Liam Whaley discuss their careers, epic sessions they shared together, and what they think the future of kitesurfing will hold. Double loops?…

7 days ago

Tom Court is home on the Isle of Weight, with solid spring forecasts rolling into the UK coastline! So it's time to get up early…

1 week ago

With closed eyes, the feeling of adrenaline-pumping drifts courses through your veins, even once the drive is over. Join Patrick Dempsey and Rita Arnaus as…