Tom Hebert

Tom Hebert

Pro Rider | 8,582

2 months ago

What happens when you take the ultimate freeride twin tip and give it the Textreme tune-up? You get one of the best kiteboards on the…

2 months ago

Reno Romeo and Tom Hebert test out Duotone's final word in light wind freeride twin tips; a radical new shape and a startling new approach…

3 months ago

Duotone just dopped the 2020 Rebel! The kite that redefined kiteboarding is back once again; if freeriding, big air and unreal hangtime is your goal,…

3 months ago

He’s the pioneer in strapless freestyle but started on Twintips back in 2006. Airton learned by watching; movies by Aaron Hadlow, inspiring athletes and the…

3 months ago

You better stop what you're doing for this one! Join Tom Herbert and Reno Romeu on an adventure of a life time.

5 months ago

THIS IS ONE FOR THE BOOKS! Watch the Duotone team venture to St Brandon; a pure utopia. A gruelling voyage, crossing wild and rolling seas,…

9 months ago

Stop what you are doing, this one is worth a watch! We're taking you back to 2012 - Tom Hebert shares his home spot in…

10 months ago

‘A Journey of a Thousand Miles’ follows Tom Hebert, Lewis Crathern, Reno Romeu and the Rebel on a road trip of a lifetime in New…

10 months ago

2018 has been an epic year for Duotone Kiteboarding and their riders! Check out this recap including some of the most memorable moments from 2018…

10 months ago

This is the bar that is now favoured amongst Duotone pro team of riders! In this clip, Aaron Hadlow gives us a quick overview of why…

10 months ago

Check out the full story of what went down during the KiteFest in Argentina this summer. Jesse Richman, Tom Hebert, and Ruben Lenten were invited…

12 months ago

It's just the name that's changed... It's not a comeback, they never left! Duotone Kiteboarding – Dedicated to the future, with honour to the past,…

Issue 77

Join Colleen Carroll as she takes a ridiculously long flight to go and explore the wilds of Namibia joining the Duotone team and getting well and truly off the beaten track!

1 week ago
Issue 64

As kitesurfers, we travel, it’s in our nature to seek and explore, and that next spot could be the best one ever, you never know until you go!

2 years ago
Issue 54

We chat to Till Eberle the man behind North Kiteboarding about how the brand has changed over the years and the people he has in place to keep it on top! You won't want to miss this one, some fantastic insights are in this interview!

4 years ago
Issue 49

Tom Hebert knows a thing or too about airtsyle trickery, his latest videos have been getting a lot of attention, we ask just ten poignant questions...

5 years ago
Issue 32

More pictures with no particular home this issue, feast your optic nerve!

8 years ago
4 years ago

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