Ben Wilson

Ben Wilson

Pro Rider

3 months ago

We're all different. We think differently, we like different things, and we learn in different ways. So when it comes to injecting some energy into…

7 months ago

Premiering for the first time - We are watching BRING BACK BEN. There are few names in our industry as legendary as Ben Wilson. He…

2 years ago

10 years ago, Shades of Green featuring Ben Wilson, Reo Stevens, Ian Alldredge and Bear Karry came out and left us in awe. Filmed in…

4 years ago

Let Ben Wilson take you out to Australia's Great Barrier Reef. Ben and his crew find unexpected treasures and challenges far from shore. Sit back, relax…

5 years ago

Kite films should all be this good! Crystal clear waters in Fiji, perfect clean waves, exceptional drone footage and barrels! Fiji was already on our…

6 years ago

Reo Stevens gives us an in depth look into how Indonesia made obtaining kiteSURFING's original Holy Grail of getting barreled with a kite obtainable and…

7 years ago

If you've got the time on your hands and the software to do it why not cut a compilation video of your favorites segments from…

7 years ago

Everyone loves a wipeout, but all to often in the movies the camera cuts just as things get tough... Thankfully here is a clip featuring…

9 years ago

The island of Tavarua has made its name as a premier surf spot, but that's not all it's about, sometimes there is more in the…

Issue 87

The best photos with nowhere else to go! Indulge your eyeballs in Lightroom Issue #87!

6 months ago
Issue 15

Ben Wilson has been making some of the best wave riding movies in the kite industry for some years now, Russell Pell talks us through his latest film.

12 years ago
Issue 13

To visit Indonesia before you die! It is remote, hard to get to and often the source of many a disaster travel story. But you can?t deny when you look at these shots, you will have to go there!

13 years ago
Issue 8

We recruit arguably one of the best wave riders in the world to answer your wave riding questions; Ben throws in some cool videos for good measure too.

14 years ago
Issue 6

Ben Wilson has been spending the last year seeking out the best waves and locations; gorge yourself on the videos and pictures!

14 years ago
Issue 4

Ben Wilson hitches a lift with the world safari team to check out this amazing location just two hours from Australia. Be sure to watch the awesome video footage.

14 years ago
Issue 4

There are more and more pro riders out there, our article gives you an insight into what it really means to be a pro and how to go about doing it. It might just surprise you...

14 years ago
Issue 1

An interview with the wave legend Ben Wilson, we find out why he likes to push the limits and just exactly what goes on in his world.

15 years ago
14 years ago
14 years ago

I believe that the kite is the ultimate extension to surfing. Surf when it's clean and kitesurf when

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