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Premiering for the first time – We are watching BRING BACK BEN. There are few names in our industry as legendary as Ben Wilson. He is easily one of the most influential, if not the most influential, kitesurfer ever. Ben changed the primary source of inspiration from twin-tip based wave riding to actual surfing and riding traditional surfboards strapless in the waves. Widely known as the original spark in kitesurfing, Ben and his vision are responsible for the progression of surfing with kites. He created a movement for how kitesurfing should look that garnered respect from kiteboarders and surfers alike. His videos and movies changed the sport forever by displaying progressive turns, raw power, and the first barrels ever ridden with kites. As one of the first team riders for Slingshot, Ben’s legacy is synonymous with the brand. He was instrumental in product development as he helped bring to market some of the first true Kite Surfboards and wave-oriented kites. Simply put, Ben is an icon that changed the trajectory of kitesurfing forever.

Now, after a decade-long departure, we are proud to welcome Ben Wilson home.

#BringBackBen #WelcomeHomeBenWilson

Wed 19th May, 2021 @ 1:00 pm


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