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Custom Designed Ozone Twin Tip

If you’ve got the time on your hands and the software to do it why not cut a compilation video of your favorites segments from every video you’ve ever seen. It certainly gave us something to keep us occupied over breakfast this morning- all 24 minutes of it. We hope you like it as much as we did.
Enjoy the vid!


GRIZ – ill Type Moves
GRiZ – Rock N Roll
Michael Lener – Boombox
Superpoze – London Alone
Poldoore – But I Do

Thanks to:

Mitu Monteiro the best strapless video 2014
2012 Slingshot RPM with Youri Zoon Capetown
2013 NAISH Kiteboarding – Welcome
A Day in Cape Town
Antigua & Barbuda Tourism presents Island Time by Kitescoop
Argentina Kiteboarding World Cup – PKRA 2013 – Presentation & Trials Freestyle and Slalom
Aspire Kiteboarding with Aaron Hadlow
Best Kiteboarding – Levels – Youri Zoon Gisela Pulido & Sam Medysky
BIG AIR – Tarifa 2014 Pro Kite Tour – PKRA Kiteboarding World Tour
Big air kiteboarding in Cape Town – Red Bull King of the Air
Biggest kite loop of 2013_ Slowmo of Jerrie van de Kop Megaloop in Zandvoort
Bioluminescence Surfing
Bridglets hit SA
BWSurf 2012_ a best of kitesurfing collaboration from TDZ, Ben Wilson and Mulcoy’s World
Ruben Lenten Cape Town Megaloop Challenge
Cape Town 2014 part 3 – Kitesurfing the Doctor
Corona Extra Present Someplace Else
Cuba Kitesurf Paradise
Dakhla Attitude – Happy
Dakhla Attitude Hotel
Deep South
Dos Mares by Ruben Lenten as LEN10 Extreme
Double Elimination Highlights – PKRA 2014 PANAMA – Kiteboarding World Tour
Drifting North Shore Cabrinha Kitesurfing
Empty Spaces – F-One – Kiteboarding – Kitesurfing
EPIC ATTACK 5 Most wanted
Extreme Air Kiteboarding Competition – Red Bull King of the Air 2013
F.ONE Source – SUP – Stand Up Paddle – Kitesurf
Felip Timoner Kiteboarding
F-One Freestyle Kiteboarding Team
F-one GIFT
F-one kitesurf _ ANTANDROY
Forward I Chapter 1 I Kiteboard Movie
Forward I Chapter 2 I Focus
FreeRide Project 2 – Russia Section – Rail Masters
I choose to be happy – Kasia Lange Kitesurfing Australia
Ian Alldredge – Dreams of the Driven
Is This the Future of Wakeboarding – Beyond Perception – Raph Derome
Kiteboarding Wave Competition – DAKHLA, MOROCCO – PKRA World Tour 2014
Kiteboarding Wave Event – PKRA Dakhla Morocco – PKRA 2013 WORLD TOUR
Kitesurf Tom´s kitchen II
KITESURF I Teahupoo I Reo Stevens
Kitesurf Legend Youri Zoon Recorded – Episode 3
Kitesurf Legend Youri Zoon Recorded – Episode 7
Kitesurfing Jaws 1_4_12
KSP One Eye Kite Surf Pro Mauritius 2012 – Day 2 WrapUp!
Len 10 2010 Ruben Lenten Video The Mega Loop King!
Limelight – Liam Whaley – Cabrinha Kiteboarding
Mauritius Kite Jam – Cabrinha Kiteboarding
Murphy Cliff Jump 2011
New BWSurf Noise Pro Kite 2015
Our search for perfection never ends…
Postcards From Cabrinha
Reo Stevens at Teahupo’o – Cabrinha Kitesurfing
Rip Curl Australia
Robby Naish Rips It in Hawaii
Rome Snowboards Presents – Find Snowboarding Norway
Ruben Lenten – PAINKILLER
Taking wakeskating to another level
Tarifa Masters of Kiteboard 2013 (pablo_wing edition)
Tom’s Kitchen Episode I
Wakeboard en las calles de Merida
Water Break (kiteboarding)
Who is JOB 4.0 – Flying Bikini Babes in Hawaii – Ep 4
Who is JOB 4.0 – Puddle Surfing – Ep 5
Xensr – Pro-kiteboarders Jesse Richman and Patri McLaughlin kitesurf JAWS – 12_26_13
Youri Zoon RECORDED_ Episode 6 – Life at the Lagoon
Drop the Gun – ShredTown – Wake Skate
Fly Me To The Moon – The Best Contest Airs
Teahupo’o Slabs – Heaviest Surfing In The World
Wadi Adventure Kitesurfing – Keahi de Aboitiz

Mon 17th Nov, 2014 @ 1:02 pm


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