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Toby Braeuer

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8 years ago

This is perfect for those of you looking to go 'old skool'!! Toby Braeuer introduces some of his 'easy' tricks to get you started... Anything...

8 years ago

Trust us. You've never seen such impressive transitions! Looking for a cooler way to turn around? Check it out. Toby Braeuer releases his transitions clips...

9 years ago

Even the best can get it wrong! Watch as old school kiting guru Toby Braeuer survives numerous crashes in this trailer! This one is bound to...

9 years ago

You just can't go wrong with a good old 'airstyle or 'old school' edit! Watch as Toby Braeuer, Lukas Vogeltanz & Noussa Denkler show off their impressive...

9 years ago

Toby Braeuer has stunned the world yet again with his incredibly impressive 'airstyle' moves! You need to see this film from Egypt showcasing Toby's latest tricks....

9 years ago

Check out Toby Braeuer's no handed frontroll! What do you reckon? Is the trick cool or just a bit strange looking? Sweet little trick everyone...

9 years ago

It looks like the coolest move in kitesurfing just got cooler, Toby Braeuer continues to amaze with this new twist, just a casual front roll...

9 years ago

We might have to start a #MondayMadness spot and fill it with more of Toby's craziness... How's this one for the ridiculousness scale? Off the...

9 years ago

Join Toby Braeuer as he celebrates getting his 1000th trick on video, yep, thats ONE THOUSAND different tricks recorded on video, needless to say the latest...

9 years ago

Just when you thought you had seen it all, here is Toby Braeuer to suspend all belief of reality... The King Deadman Double Spin Flip,...

9 years ago

Everyone loves a wipeout, and lots of us love Toby Braeuer's crazy airstyle riding, put the two together and you have something rather special, these...

9 years ago

We can't get enough of these. Here's another hooked trick to master this weekend from Toby Braeuer. We get a different view on Toby's style...

Issue 34

You could be fooled into thinking this is something new, but Toby Braeuer has been doing it for 12 years and has no plans to stop!

12 years ago

AIRSTYLE - the style for 6-80 !
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