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1 week ago

Whether you're kite foiling, wing foiling, surf or wake foiling, trying to find the perfect foil wing can be like going down a rabbit hole.…

1 week ago

All the action that went down in Cape Town at the Big Air Kite League event! Many of Big Air's best riders have remained in…

2 weeks ago

Light wind, foil friendly, and all new for 2021, Damien Leroy and Jon Modica tell you everything you wanted to know about the new single…

3 weeks ago

If you ever get bored of kiting on water, there's always... everything else?! GoProHobbit goes All-Terrain Kiteboarding in his latest video. Watch out for that…

3 weeks ago

The all-new Cabrinha 01 COLLECTION has arrived and it's ready and raring to get you on the water this year. With a complete new range…

3 weeks ago

Can't beat a session at the local with your kite buddies! Roepstep is back with another vlog full of boosting, kite loops, and helping friends…

3 weeks ago

This looks like the perfect training grounds... the massive expanse of flatwater in St Petersburg is begging for some freestyle sessions! Check out this session…

3 weeks ago

Does the wave machine ever turn off in Mauritius?! Dmitry Evseev is taking advantage of the quiet kite spot during this off season session!