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6 days ago

STAY TUNED! Cabrinha's 00 Fall Collection is released on the 23rd of September! The year 2020 kicked off a new beginning for Cabrinha. A virtual…

3 weeks ago

This is what you get when you take 6 pro kiteboarders on a training trip in a post COVID world! Normally in the middle of…

4 weeks ago

We knew it was just a matter of time before Charly Martin got on Cabrinha's international surf team! Hailing from the Reunion Islands, Charly has…

4 weeks ago

Danny Barnette shares some of the best moments he's experienced over the past year in this compilation; enjoy!

4 weeks ago

Moona Whyte receives the brand new Icon Drifter limited edition kite and takes it out for a spin on the North Shore. Each one is…

4 weeks ago

Cabrinha has once again hit the nail on the head with these two iconic editions! “There are no products that represent kitesurfing as well as…

4 weeks ago

Annelous Lammerts scored a super fun wing foil and a tow-in session on her surf foil after a windy and sunny Cabrinha demo weekend... with…

4 weeks ago

Sometimes you just want to stay in the air forever! Nothing like flying around on my 14m Cabrinha AV8 - Evan Netsch Tow man: Harry…

1 month ago

After 20 years in kiteboarding, you rarely beat yourself up and learn something new. Damien Leroy calls this trick “The Brodel flip”, inspired by the…