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10 hours ago

It's been a while since The Netherlands has been hit by a storm - watch this #throwback video by The Stoke Farm reminiscing on the…

3 months ago

The wind is ON and in this edit, Ruben Lenten takes us on a downwinder from Wassenaar to Noordwijk. Brrrr.... Still a bit cold but…

3 months ago

On The Loose, Season 4 is here! In this episode, Aaron Hadlow and Ruben Lenten visit Ruben's hometown of Noordwijk, the Netherlands and embark on…

3 months ago

We're taking you wayyy back to 2009; Dave┬áLute and Ruben Lenten decided to session Stormsjees wild conditions along the coast of Holland! The first spot,…

3 months ago

Hold on tight!

4 months ago

LEN10: A name that has been essential in developing the sport of big air kiteboarding as we know it - Ruben Lenten is truly a…

4 months ago

When you have riders like Jamie Overbeek, Adriano Bono, Sean Overbeek, Ruben Lenten, Theo Lhostis, Axel Mazella and Simon Burner introducing a product, you know…

5 months ago

Jamie Overbeek just dropped this Cold Hawaii Games 2021 highlights by Edwin Haigton, and it's is far too good to be left on the shelf…

5 months ago

Episode 3 of 'On The Loose' is LIVE - Ruben Lenten and Aaron Hadlow join forces once again to travel the globe, embarking on new…