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3 months ago

Who thought this was a good idea!? It's #ThrowbackThursday and Ruben Lenten's 2007 street kitesurfing session is well worth a rewatch.

4 months ago

Throwback to the windy day in September when the World's best kitesurfers battled in Cold Hawaii, Denmark. (Language: Danish (with subtitles) & English) In this…

7 months ago

Yep, thats right! Live vicariously through Ruben Lenten with this 9-min of non-stop POV Megaloop action! As soon as I hook myself to my kite,…

9 months ago

Ruben Lenten announces the #myozone custom kite design contest winner!

9 months ago

We're taking you back to 2012 when Ruben Lenten jumped off a massive cliff in Norway! Times are tough, and some of us might, undoubtedly,…

9 months ago

Get creative, get involved, right here!

9 months ago

It's time to get creative! What does YOUR dream look like? Get involved right here.

10 months ago

What are you doing for the next half an hour? Back in 2016, Tom Court and the crew dropped the Freeride Project 3, a culmination…

10 months ago

#KitersInIsolation, remember this one? Ruben Lenten and his crew chase a storm from the Netherlands to Ireland. Times are tough, and some of us might, undoubtedly,…