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7 months ago

Episode 3 of 'On The Loose' is LIVE - Ruben Lenten and Aaron Hadlow join forces once again to travel the globe, embarking on new…

7 months ago

At long last, On The Loose is back, and the adventure continues, this time, in the Canary Islands. Watch Ruben Lenten, and Aaron Hadlow join…

8 months ago

Episode 2 of 'On The Loose' is out! In this episode, Ruben Lenten and Aaron Hadlow are back in their favourite spot; Cape Town, South…

8 months ago

Join Ruben Lenten and Bertie Gregory as they put the new DJI Mavic 3 through its phases during stormy Dutch conditions! Drone + edit: Bertie…

9 months ago

PREMIERING FOR THE FIRST TIME - On the Loose S3E1: On The Loose is back, and the adventure continues; this time, it takes us to…

10 months ago

Ruben Lenten, Aaron Hadlow and Lasse Walker take us for a walk down memory lane and talk about the evolution of the Red Bull Megaloop…

11 months ago

Watch Aaron Hadlow and Ruben Lenten being chased by a race drone in Denmark! Filmed by Andy Troy

1 year ago

The 2021 Red Bull Megaloop is ON! All we got to do now is pray for a 35+ knots storm to hit Zandvoort and 16…

1 year ago

Guess who's back?? It's the man himself, Ruben Lenten! He's been an inspiration to a lot of us and it's a massive relief to see…