Robby Naish

Robby Naish

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2 months ago

What a throwback!

5 months ago

Join the legend himself, Robby Naish, for a Kona winds kitesurfing session on Maui's North Shore!

6 months ago

Venture into the captivating world of F-ONE, where passion, innovation, and family intertwine in this F-ONE documentary All We Do. Join them on a journey...

6 months ago

Dive into 'All We Do - The Story of F-ONE' for the next hour! All We Do delves into the story of F-ONE, filled with...

10 months ago

Here it from the man himself! The BAKL asked legendary waterman Robby Naish if he had any advice for young talent and his response gave...

11 months ago

Ready for #ThrowbackThursday? Well, we've got not one but two videos this week and we're taking you way back to 1987! Ready for #ThrowbackThursday? Well,...

2 years ago

IT'S #THROWBACKTHURSDAY -  Remember this one? Maui’s finest watermen, including Kai Lenny, Jesse Richman, Robby Naish, and the Porcella brothers, take on Jaws with all...

2 years ago

Maui's biggest South swell in a decade - and Robby Naish is ready. Watch this! Fun session windsurfing on Maui's South Shore with the best...

2 years ago

Naish just released the New Matador LT and Mach 1 Foils, and we’ve got all the details right here for you! Matador LT - Light...

2 years ago

The Zero kite bar was created to give the rider the most direct control. To do this, Naish eliminated all the EVA typically found on...

2 years ago

Naish Kiteboarding's Pivot provides the perfect combination of performance and versatility. Two-time King of the Air Champion and 2021 Big Air Kite League winner, the...

2 years ago

It's HERE! Brand new to the Naish lineup, the Phoenix is their 5-strut big air kite that has been designed for kiters in search of...

Issue 104

Kelly Slater, Ricky Carmichael and Michael Jordan are all considered The Greatest Of All Time in their respective sports, but who is the GOAT in kiteboarding? Click here to find out; some of the names might surprise you!

2 months ago
Issue 86

With the new Torque 2 Control System, Naish has reimagined how riders connect to their kite. We caught up with kite engineer Brian Dennis and team rider Ewan Jaspan to get the skinny on the big redesign in this Tech Focus feature.

3 years ago
Issue 82

Robby Naish needs no introduction when a story fell through this issue a throwaway email on the off chance of an interview led to one of the most candid chats Rou Chater has ever had with the legend himself. You don’t want to miss this one, and you can also hear the whole interview on Rou’s podcast.

4 years ago
Issue 47

More images with no particular place to call home this issue!

10 years ago
Issue 15

Ben Wilson has been making some of the best wave riding movies in the kite industry for some years now, Russell Pell talks us through his latest film.

15 years ago
Issue 11

More than a legend, we speak to Robby about the industry and also his business and how he plans to keep it on top.

16 years ago
Issue 10

The biggest, most thorough guide to the history of the sport ever written; with collaboration from various legends who were there! This really is essential reading...

16 years ago
Issue 5

Exactly how do you go about revolutionising the shape of kites without anyone finding out, especially when you are living next door to the competition? Ben Meyer explains how.

17 years ago

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