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7 months ago

Every winter, at some point, Jaws shows her teeth! Patri comes out to play! Athlete: Patri McLaughlin Video: @SoulCreationHawaii Edit: Julien Leleu

3 years ago

Taking wave riding to another level, Patri McLaughlin went for some massive waves at Jaws/Peahi. Check out this video from Duotone! Kitesurfing in big waves…

3 years ago

#KitersInIsolation - Patri knows a thing or two about wave riding, in this film from Indonesia in 2014, he takes you right inside the barrel,…

4 years ago

The Duotone Academy APP is proud to announce ten new kite-surf tutorials that will set you up for good! Backed by the best in the…

5 years ago

We're taking you back to 2013... Scoring a killer session, Jesse Richman and Patri McLaughlin push themselves deeper into the pit of Jaws, you need…

6 years ago

Yes, that is someone barrelled with a kite! It's here! North's brand new movie The Evolution of Strapless Kitesurfing; in Jaime Herraiz´ words: These guys…

7 years ago

Do not miss this awesome compilation edit from ION! It really is action packed!! Forces of nature form the playgrounds that challenge the members of…

7 years ago

Mind - BLOWN... Join Patri McLaughlin as he finishes his journey to the hallowed Triple Front Roll, caught on camera by Rick Dobrowski from Maui…

7 years ago

Barrelled with a kite at Jaws!! Patri Mclaughlin doesn't make it out of this one, in fact, it looks very painful! However he and Jesse Richman…