Ride Engine Technical Changing Robe

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Ride Engine Technical Changing Robe

Do not miss this awesome compilation edit from ION! It really is action packed!!

Forces of nature form the playgrounds that challenge the members of ION’s international surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing, wakeboarding, stand-up paddling and mountain biking team. No matter if board or bike, dirt or water – it is one crew surfing the elements at awesome places all around the globe.

‘Surfing Elements, Chapter III’ features extreme sports athletes from all over the world, living the brand’s spirit day by day. They originate from different sports and disciplines – but they are all united by the feeling of stoke and flow and under the name of one unique brand: ION.
Delve deeper into the world of surfing elements, enjoy the ION extreme action sports video 2017.

Without sacrificing style or function, when trails or the ocean are your office, we refuse to accept compromises. Whoever you are and wherever you ride, rookie or pro, weekend warrior or seasoned veteran, when you commit to your sports, ION gear is going to work whatever the conditions demand.

We at ION work hard so you can play hard. The better the equipment the more progressive and rewarding your experience will be. With the highly technical ION products you are prepared to experience nature, face the elements and feel its forces. ION gear is going to work whatever the condition.

Enjoy the full spectrum life has to offer and push your personal limits to the maximum. Take your challenge, find your lines and shred it harder with ION – come and join us.

This 2017 Brandclip features the following IONcrew members –
Dominik Gührs 00:19 (germany), Andy Crière 00:20 01:01 (france), Sebastian Ribeiro 00:22 (brazil), Noé Font 00:25 01:48 (spain), Tom Hebert 00:29 (new cal), Reno Romeo 00:29 (brazil), Sky Solbach 00:29 (usa), Taz Knight (uk) 00:32 01:52, JB Oneill 00:40 00:48 01:40 (usa), Craig Cunnigham 00:43 03:05 (canada), Airton Cozzolino 00:44 (italy), Antoine Bizet 00:54 01:04 02:37 (france), Aaron Hadlow 00:57 2:58 (uk), Stefan Spießberger 00:57 02:48 00:57 (Austria), Colleen Carroll 00:57 (usa), Victor Fernandez 00:59 02:02 (spain), Gollito Estredo 01:14 03:06 (venezuela), Letty Mortensen 01:16 02:07 02:23 (australia), Nick Pescetto 01:27 01:43 02:15 (brazil/italy), Coby Perkovich 01:31 (nz), Patri McLaughlin 01:36 02:26 (haw), Matt Montorro 02:04 (france), Rob Heran 02:52 (czech), Victor Salmon 02:56 (belgium)

Area47/Austria, Fuerteventura/Spain, Maui, Rio/Brazil, Mauritius, Madeline Island/Canada, Patagonia/Argentina, Australia, CWC Wake Park/Philippines, Tarifa/Spain, Terre Noires/France, Rampage/Utah/USA, Kamloops/Canada, Pemperton/Canada, Canical/Portugal

Invincible / Boris Nonte, Rudiger
BER1257 – Risin Trailer Vocal Pop UPPM France


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Fri 17th Mar, 2017 @ 9:00 am

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