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2 months ago

Following the wake of the 2022 KPL (Kite Park League) Team Battle in Hood River, Oregon that reignited competitive park riding and set the stage...

3 months ago

Well, that's it, folks; the 2023 KPL season has come to an end - Watch the Kite Park League 2023 highlights here with Xander Raith,...

4 months ago

Maxime Chabloz is back for his second KPL comp -  a special mention goes out to Noe Font and the entire KPL team for their...

5 months ago

Alex Lewis-Hughes checks in with Noe on the park build pre KPL Brazil World Championship stop 2023.

5 months ago

What a way to introduce a new product! You've been warned... The WTF?! has been designed from the ground up to be the ultimate freestyle...

6 months ago

Gianmaria Coccoluto and Laci Kobulsky join forces to document Gianmaria's journey to becoming the freestyle world champion in 2022. Brazil is the ultimate dream destination...

6 months ago

Watch Team Navy - 4th Place - 2023 KPL Team Battle here ft.  Brendan Kerr, Andy Cain, Zach Adams, Ryan Goloversic, Lauren Holman, and team...

7 months ago

Join Maxime Chabloz for another day in Hood sessioning with Tom Bridge, Noe Font and Nina Font behind the lens! It's a vibe!

8 months ago

Maxime Chabloz and Noè Font team up for a session for what looks like the 'Best wind of the season' - Did the magic happen?...