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Watch Team Navy – 4th Place – 2023 KPL Team Battle here ft.  Brendan Kerr, Andy Cain, Zach Adams, Ryan Goloversic, Lauren Holman, and team captain Noe Font!

In 1748, officers in the Royal Navy were adorned in dark blue, and ever since, the colour has been adopted by other navies around the world, often being affiliated as a colour of noble status and true prestige. Throughout the entire week of the Team Battle, Team NAVY lived up to the reputation of its predecessors, gracing the competition with work of superb finesse.

Team NAVY included the talent of Brendan Kerr, Andy Cain, Zach Adams, Ryan Goloversic, Lauren Holman, and team captain Noe Font. Together, these six riders took advantage of every opportunity to ride, liking logging more hours on water than any other team. If you are still getting familiar with the cinematic efforts of Noe and his dedication both in front and behind the camera, let this act as your introduction. Team NAVYS video is a work of art and deliberate expression. Additionally, with an incredible video, Noe’s technicality earned him the Best Slider hit, and his peers voted him Best Male Rider. However, as the name implies, the Team Battle is a joint effort and group collaboration. Of this group, Andy Cain was a welcomed addition and a rookie to the Team Battle. Although his riding, precision, and resilience might indicate otherwise. We all look forward to watching his dominance continue to unfold in the years to come.

Additionally, Team NAVY was supported by Brendan Kerr, an assassin on both the kickers and the sliders, being the first to get a session started and the last one to shut it down. Team NAVY was also strengthened by Lauren Holman, Zach Adams, and Ryan Goloversic, who all helped lead the team on and off the water, helping to curate a video that will stand the test of time. Please sit back and enjoy the visual efforts of Team NAVY.

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Mon 11th Sep, 2023 @ 12:00 pm

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