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9 months ago

One serving of La Dolce Vita simply wasn't enough! Noè Font must be in the giving mood because he's heaped on a second serving of…

9 months ago

Black and white never looked so good! James Carew found some monster waves in Portugal earlier this fall, and we get to enjoy the fruits…

9 months ago

The future of kiteboarding is here, and their names are Mikaili Sol, Noè Font, and Gianmaria Coccoluto. The latest video from Duotone Kiteboarding is a…

10 months ago

If anybody tries to tell you that freestyle is dead, Noe Font and Gianmaria Coccoluto are here to show you that it most certainly is…

10 months ago

Coming soon - KNOT FUTURE presents “La Dolce Vita” a new kite video by Noe Font with Gianmaria Coccoluto and friends in Sicily.

11 months ago

Nothing worthwhile in life comes easy. Just ask Santi Font, he will tell you, hard work pays off! Follow his success and failures in Redefine…

1 year ago

Back Mobe 720 - Let's shine some light on the matter and give credit where it's due! Knot Future interviewed one of our favourite up…

1 year ago

Noè Font's expedition to Kenya was one to remember, and although the wind never exceeded 12 knots, the thrill of visiting a new country made…

1 year ago

This will keep you entertained for the next hour! In loving memory of the Triple S, Tom Court shares a unique view into what went…