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2 months ago

For your daily video fix, be sure to check out this one! Jesse Richman and Cohan van Dijk - the original and the upcoming go…

3 months ago

North just launched their 2024 KiteFoil Collection and NEW Code Zero, and we've got all the details right here! The 2024 Kitefoil collection from North…

4 months ago

North has just released its 2024 Freeride Collection, engineered for consistent, dependable performance in all conditions. Playful yet powerful, with comfort that's critical. Take your…

4 months ago

We ride free. We push against constraint, limitation, and anything that fences us in. There is only one North. #RunFlyBe - Embracing its North Sails…

5 months ago

Jesse Richman's Lip Flip! If you haven't watched Never Miss A Day yet, what are you waiting for?! Click here.

5 months ago

'Never Miss A Day' is here - Jesse Richman's latest kiteboarding movie that has left us in awe. Sit back, relax and turn up the…

6 months ago

Friday vibes with Jesse Richman!

6 months ago

Ride into the weekend with Jesse Richman! #fridayvibes

7 months ago

Who will take home the title of Men's Move of the Year? The vote is yours! The Men’s Move of the Year Award will be…