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3 days ago

Firefin is the tool-less, universally mountable fin-system for twin-tip kiteboards which allows you to attach and remove your fins in seconds without any tools.
The flexibility and ease-of-use enables you to quickly react to conditions and customize the performance and characteristics of your board.

Webshop deliveries start October 2019.
#firefinkiteboarding #chooseclickride

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7 days ago

Who is ready to dive into a new week?
Shot during our trip to the Ionian sea in Greece.
#mondaymotivation #greece #diveintotheblue #boat
@brunotti @slingshotkite @lifeproof_europe @firefin_kiteboarding
Shot by @orestiszoumpos

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2 weeks ago

Thinking of nicer weather than we have at home for the moment! The wind is pumping though.
Flying by on the all new @slingshotkite Raptor.
#toysforboys #slingshotkite #slingshotmaldives #maldives #foil
@slingshotkite @brunotti @lifeproof_europe @firefin_kiteboarding
Shot by @shampzz

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2 weeks ago

Monday is back again, ready for a new week of adventures ? Wind is going be awesome upcoming week.
#greece #backhome #windyweek #holland #sailing #kitesurf
@brunotti @slingshotkite @lifeproof_europe @firefin_kiteboarding @orestiszoumpos

Youri Zoon posted a photo
2 weeks ago

We all know that love this place! But today we have a nice storm coming over Holland and thats something i like as wel! Bring it on.
#greece #holland #storm #letsfly
@brunotti @slingshotkite @lifeproof_europe @firefin_kiteboarding @orestiszoumpos

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3 weeks ago

I guess she got Zooned... 🤷🏻‍♂️
Happy to say that in January we are expecting a little monster.
#babyzoon #help #zooned

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3 weeks ago

Run,bike,swim, gym what is your favorite workout? Besides kitesurf ofcource!
I use running a lot to stay fit on locations where i dont have Acces to a gym.
#workout #running #bike #swim #favorite
@brunotti @slingshotkite @lifeproof_europe @firefin_kiteboarding @orestiszoumpos

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4 weeks ago

Greece was a blast! Now its time to relaxed at home for the month of August.Before we have some excited travels again.
#greece #chill #home #travel #ionianislands #episodetwo
@brunotti @slingshotkite @firefin_kiteboarding @lifeproof_europe
Shot by @orestiszoumpos

Youri Zoon posted a photo
4 weeks ago

Back from the deep blue, awesome week shooting “Episode two” stay tuned for more!
#greece #ionianislands #film #boat #blue #slingshotkite #brunotti #lifeproofeurope #firefinkiteboarding
@slingshotkite @brunotti @lifeproof_europe @firefin_kiteboarding @adromeda_yachting
Shot by @orestiszoumpos

2x World Champion
I am Youri Zoon, a Dutch professional kiteboarder. I travel around the world to compete and also to find awesome places to ride.

I grew up by the sea in the Southwest of the Netherlands and have been an extreme sports addict from a young age. BMX, Windsurfing, Motocross, you name it.
At age 13, I decided to focus exclusively on kiteboarding and joined the VKWC (formerly known as PKRA).

In 2007 and 2008 I was seriously injured ripping my ACL both times, and had to stop kiting during those seasons.

I came back to the championships in 2009 making it to the 2nd place.

I then won the World Title in both 2011 and 2012.
If you want to follow me around the world, check

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The two-time world champion is still at the top of the game in the Freestyle World, a key player on the World Kite League he’s still hunting down podiums.

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