Stijn Mul

Stijn Mul

Pro Rider

4 days ago

Rewatch the Big Air Men’s Finals between Lorenzo Casati v Jeremy Burlando v Stijn Mul v Lorenzo Casati right here!

2 months ago

The Space X kitesurfing crew invited 7 pro riders to battle for a €250 prize. The highest jump wins! Who do you reckon took the...

2 months ago

Twenty-four of the best big air riders from around the world gathered at arguably the best spot in the world to battle it out in...

2 months ago

Stijn Mul shares his top tips to landing your first kiteloop boardoff!

3 months ago

Check out Stino Mul's Lords of Tram recap from Barcares last week, including his heats to see how he performed. He is now gearing up...

4 months ago

Get the inside scoop with Giel, Stino, and Stig as they craft the magic of 2Up 1Down. If you haven't watched the end result, make...

4 months ago

Having undergone an exciting year of training, Stijn Mul is determined to enter the Red Bull Megaloop Challenge once again - Watch his entry video...

2 years ago

The final GKA Big Air World Championship lineup has been announced! The riders have qualified to compete across four disciplines: twin-tip / strapless / hydrofoil....

3 years ago

Premiering for the first time - watch Sam Light, Stijn Mul, Kimo Verkerk, and Ally D'ambrosio put the RPX through its paces during a photoshoot...

Issue 105

Rou Chater catches up with Cabrinha’s Chairman of the Board, Jon Modica, to discuss taking over the company, product development, relocating the headquarters to Miami, the brand's pro team, future plans for the company and much more. Read all about it in this issue’s “The Interview.”

3 weeks ago
Issue 88

Check out the best photos with nowhere else to go in this Lightroom Issue 88!

3 years ago

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Rewatch the Big Air Men’s Finals between Lorenzo Casati v Jeremy Burlando v Stijn Mul v Lorenzo Casati right here!nn @Jeremy Burlando @Leonardo Casati @Lorenzo Casati @Stijn Mul @Cabrinha @GKA Kite World Tour @Harlem Kitesurfing @Lieuwe Boards @Slingshot

4 days ago

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Massive congrats to the GKA Big Air Kite Gran Canaria 2024 winners! The level is higher than ever on both the women’s and men’s sides. The hard work paid off.nnThe Results: nWomen:n1st @zarahoogenraad n2nd @cescamaini n3rd @_lana_herman n4th @alice_ruggiu nnMen:n1st…

6 days ago

The @spacex_kitesurfing team grab Prolimit's Elite Surf/Kite Board Bag and travel from Holland to Tarifa for Full Power Tarifa. The Prolimit Elite Surf/Kite Board Bag for safely transporting their gear, impressed by its capacity and design features. Read all about…

1 week ago

Grab the popcorn; it's Movie Night! nn1. With over 4K views, prepare for an adrenaline-packed Movie Night as we dive into the action with 'Largest Wave Kitesurfed - Guinness World Records'! Watch @patri_mclaughlin conquer a monumental 22.5m / 72’4ft bomb…

2 months ago

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