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Graham Howes updated their cover photo.
Graham Howes updated their cover photo.
3 weeks ago
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Graham Howes updated their profile picture.
3 weeks ago
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1 year ago

Bring back summer sessions in Cape Town with Nick Jacobsen, Ruben Lenten, Luke Mcgilliwie and Josh Emanuel #kiteboarding #dirtyhabits

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1 year ago

Best Trip, Best Project, Best Crew.

Graham Howes posted a video
2 years ago

1st time foiling.. laughed so hard it still hurts.. or was that the foil..
Thanks Donovan O'Neale for the lessons..

Cabrinha | Dirty Habits

Graham Howes is with Red Bull King Of The Air Big Bay Beach and 4 others.
3 years ago

NEW TRICK! Dirty Loop landed just before the #redbullkingoftheair
Looking forward to hopefully busting it out in some stronger winds today at Big Bay
TRICK - Dirty Loop: (Benihana) 1 Footer, Nose Grab Kiteloop (variation with backroll or 1 hand bar spin)

Follow my journey during the event on @dirtyhabitstv instastory

Dirty Habits | Cabrinha | Mystic | Red Bull | GoPro

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3 years ago

IT'S ON! #redbullkingoftheair

Event status: GREEN LIGHT-GO!

Weather Caution/Warning: Confirmed for Tuesday 31
We have the official green light for the start of Red Bull King of the Air on Tuesday 31 January.
The Cape Doctor has finally taken pity on us as winds in the Western Cape return to a South Easterly direction and increase to moderate levels becoming fresh tomorrow and Wednesday. On Thursday winds increase to strong SE (near gale in the later afternoon/evening) before moderating on Friday to moderate levels.
We’re hopeful that we’ll be able to run the first 2 rounds of the competition on Tuesday as it’s likely that the best conditions will present themselves later in the day.
It’s probable that the competition will only kick off from 4pm (SAST / UTC +2) but always we’ll keep you posted regarding weather conditions and timelines.
Follow Dirty Habits and @dirtyhabitstv Instagram story for LIVE updates and start times..

Graham Howes updated their cover photo.
Graham Howes updated their cover photo.
3 years ago

Nick Jacobsen and Myself will be going life at Big Bay, home of #redbullkingoftheair in 1 hour to answer questions and talk about the event the gear we'll be using, tune in to Cabrinha Facebook page at 13:00 SAST (Monday 23rd)

Dirty Habits

Graham Howes is with Graham Howes.
3 years ago

Sometimes you just gotta DAB
DAB challenge.. Tag Dirty Habits #dirtyhabits #dirtydab
Dirtiest DAB will get some Dirty Habits Swag

New Dirty Habits web series Episode 4 Drops Tomorrow.. be ready.

Cabrinha | Mystic | CTi Knee Braces

Founder / CEO of Dirty Habits
"Graham Howes founded Dirty Habits when returning to Cape Town after competing on the Kite Tour. Dirty Habits was initialy a community platform to showcase Cape Towns local talent in Kiteboarding and other board sports, as the community grew so I began photographing the local riders

By 2012 Dirty Habits reputation had grown so much that he begun filming and photographing the international professional athlete's who came to Cape Town to train and explore the county. By summer 2013 Dirty Habits crew became infamous in the Cape Town extreme sports scene, throwing big parties, performing stunts and filming jackass style video's with professional athletes. Graham has become the 'go-to' guy in Cape Town when riders come to Cape Town. Along with his 'Crew' have hosted and filmed video's with some of the world top athletes and personalities, including Nitro Circus's Erik Roner, Ruben Lenten, Shawn Watson, Arron Hadlow, Kevin Langeree, Nick Jacobsen and more.

In 2014 Dirty Habits launched a clothing label so that people, friends and the crew, could be identified and be part of a community/ family of like minded people

In 2015, Dirty Habits opened a wakeboard park in Cape Town, South Africa's 1st twin tower wake park, just 20 minutes from the famous Kite Beach. The Dirty Habits Playground was established so the Dirty Habits crew could have a home to push the limits, party, progress, perform stunts and hang out together." Extract from Kitemagazine

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Issue 61

We are all different, and that's what makes life so interesting. Find out what strange things can happen when you take a bunch of pro riders and head out into the wilds of Africa to do a photo shoot…

3 years ago
Issue 50

This issue we have something a little different for our Female Focus, Bianca Asher is a young photographer from Cape Town who shoots some of the best riders in the business...

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