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Anke Brandt - Kite Beyond updated their cover photo.
Anke Brandt - Kite Beyond updated their cover photo.
1 month ago
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A real hero! I had the privilege to meet and sail with him! What he does is something everyone should do! And stop it in the first place!

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Hallo zusammen, wir haben eine Klage auf dem Tempelhofer Feld am laufen welche die Zukunft des Tempelhofer Feldes schützen soll!

Es schein weit hergeholt aber das Feld und der Volksentscheid ist keinesfalls sicher.

Die Zukunft des Tempelhofer Feldes ist nicht entschieden.
Ein riesiges Areal mitten in der Stadt als Freizeitfläche zu nutzen ist ungewöhnlich und umstritten.

Deshlab sammeln wir, damit das THF Gesetz nicht einfach ausgeheblt werden kann.

Bitte anschauen und eine kleine Spende hinterlassen!
Jeder Euro zählt!

1000 Dank

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2 months ago

Better together 🇿🇦🇱🇸

No words needed.
Just the moment!

#bucketlisttravel #sanipass #adventuretrip #southafrica #luckygirl #followyourheart #liveyourdream #happytraveler #lesotho #countryhopping #offroadtrip

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2 months ago

My kind of Spa-Day full body rub, facial included.
Powder on too free of charge.

Throw back to an epic winter wonderland in fresh snow and with amazing company ☺️😄💆🏼‍♀️

#tbt #spaday #girlsinpowder #salomonwmn #letsdoitagain
#mühlbachamhochkönig #austria #winterwonderland #snowboard🏂 #girlswhorip

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3 months ago

Thank you Cape Town you have been absolutely stunning again.

Feels like home every time.

Macical weeks with Mountains, Ocean, Kiteing, Surfing 🏄🏼‍♀️, Friends 👭, Familie, beer and great wine.

Stories to follow 😊😎

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5 months ago

Evening Winter mood.

Being a student in a big city life and craving the ocean so much is not always easy.

I am privileged to learn all the amazing things about the human body but this System we have to follow is somewhat mindboggling.

It often makes it so hard to stay focused and feel the joy it brings to gain all that knowledge.

To all my fellow student in this tough time don’t forget to take a break and look into the sky.
Take a deep breath and see the beauty around you.
Sunsets are the proof that every day can end beautiful no matter what 😄.
Well, it makes me smile 😊 and with every second I am smiling new energy flows through me.

The power of having fun!

Back to the desk let’s have fun there 😅 📚 👩🏼‍💻

#sunset #wintermood #eveningmood #skyonfire #berlin #findhappiness #studentlife #dreamoftravel #semesterbreak #examseason #happythoughts #breaktime #breath

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5 months ago

It’s happening now!!
Premiere of the Kitesurfing Odyssey in 44 countries. 🌍
For viewing times scroll down 📺

Tune it to the Nautical Channel and relive the Kitesurf Odyssey with us!
Nautical Channel

Pics @rspinto

#kitegirl #atlanticcrossing #atlantic #azores #portugal #azoreswhatelse

Azores, What Else
FLYSURFER Kiteboarding
LiP Sunglasses

More times to view are: (Germany , GMT+2)
16 Jan - 20h00
17 Jan - 03h, 09h, 16h
18 Jan - 04h, 13h
19 Jan - 01h, 14h
20 Jan - 06h, 15h
21 Jan - 00h, 10h, 22h
22 Jan - 05h, 15h
23 Jan - 23h, 08h

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8 months ago

Laugh with your eyes, smile with your soul, hug with your heart and love with your spirit.

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Professional Kitesurfer, Extreme long distance Kite projects, World Record holder, Inspirational, Supporting Wings for Life foundation
Anke circumnavigated the island of Bahrain, kite surfing for 251,6 km and 11.56h non-stop an set a new World Endurance record for the longest distance kitsurfed by a female.

She achieved this ambitious goal, by completing a huge amount of exercise to get the necessary strength and stamina for the 250 -kilometer route. As soon as the wind and direction were good, Anke took off from Amwaj Islands and circled the Kingdom of Bahrain counter clockwise, that also took her underneath the Saudi Causeway. It started of with 12- 15 knots of wind straight from from the north. With an average speed of about 25 kilometers she could return to Amwaj Islands after ten hours.

One boat accompanied Anke and a GPS tracking system carried on her measures the speed and the distance she traveled. The World record attempt could be followed live online on the GPS Kitetracker web page
A film crew was capturing her preparations however could not follow her along the 250km long journey as the big support boat broke down only one day before the attempt.

It was important to regularly eat and drink throughout the journey to withstand the highly physical activity and strain. The support boats carred her food essentials and some energy gels were tucked into her Mystic wetsuit, the company for watersport equipment that is supporting this mission.

As waiting for the wind can was highly unpredictable it wa snot possible for a Guinness Book representative to attend the journey so pictures, GPS data, a witness book and videos had to be sent in to the Guinness Book of World Records to prove the journey and to be officially approved.

For Anke records are not everything, her vision goes far beyond that - she is raising money for ‘Wings for life” along the way. Wings for Life is a not-for-profit spinal cord research foundation with the mission to find a cure for spinal cord injury. They fund world-class scientific research and clinical trials around the globe aimed at healing the injured spinal cord. "I am raising money for Wings for Life, to give hope to those who have suffered a stroke of fate.
Together we raised so far 2363.30 USD and are still counting!
Sponsor her my journey at"

I always had a passion of going with the wind and being on the water.
Sailing, surfing and now Kitesurfing is what I enjoy, opportunities to be one with the forces of nature. Something you can’t control. You can train and learn to understand the signs of nature better but nature will tell you when it’s time to listen. This is what I find fascinating.

When I picked up my first race board I discovered a new love, the love of going the distance on the water, as fast as you like and in pretty much any wind conditions.
An idea was born to Kite surf around the Kingdom of Bahrain, 165km in a straight line that would possibly add up to more than 200km through the nature of Kite surfing.

It was only later during preparation that I learned about the current world record siting at 213km of, the longest distance kitesurfed by a female and realized that I could go further, an additional motivation!

I decided that this is the perfect opportunity to fundraise for Wings for live and help others helping. I want to support 'Wings for life" as I believe they work towards a very important goal of making spinal cord injury curable and facilitate the development of technologies designed to reduce the risk of injury.
Read more about them here:

In the end of February, I will set sail and embark on my approximately 10h long trip.

Follow me here to get live update and be part of the journey.

Please support me in raising awareness for "Wings for life" and donate.
100% of the money raised will go to the Wings for life foundation.

Vielen Dank für deine Zeit, meine JustGiving Seite zu besuchen.

Ich hatte schon immer eine Leidenschaft für Wind und Wasser. Segeln, Surfen und nun auch Kitesurfen ist was mir Freude bereitet.
Den Wind zu lesen und sich mit ihm fort zu bewegen ist etwas, das mich schon immer fasziniert hat.
Man kann Mutternatur nicht kontrollieren, man kann nur versuchen, sie besser zu verstehen und sie zu nutzen.

Als ich mein erstes Race Bord in die Hand nahm entdeckte eine neue Leidenschaft und die Möglichkeit lange Distanzen auf dem Wasser zurück zu legen, schnell und in so ziemlich allen Windbedingungen.
Und damit Kam mir eine Idee, einmal um die Insel Bahrain rum zu Kiten, das sind 165km in einer geraden Linie und mehr als 200km wenn man gegen den Wind ankreuzen muss.

Erst später während den Vorbereitungen, bin ich über den aktuellen Weltrekord der längsten von einer Frau gekitete Strecke non stop 213km gestolpert und fest gestellt das ich in meine Vorhaben weiter surfen konnte. an, eine zusätzliche Motivation gelernt!

Mit meinen persönlichen Projekten möchte ich auch anderen helfen zu helfen und deshalb ‚Wings for Life‘ unterstüzen, eine Stiftung die inspiriert, Hoffnung schenkt und sich dafür einsetzen eine Heilung für Querschnittslähmung zu finden.

Ende Februar , werde ich Segel setzen und mich auf meine ca 10 Stunden lange Reise zu machen.

Der Versuch kann am selber Tag online live mitverfolgt werden und alle Updates gibt es hier.

Alle Kosten des Projektes decke ich selber und durch Hilfe von Sponsoren
Deine Spende geht 100%ig an ‚Wings for life‘!

Viele Dank für deine Unterstützung!

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Flysurfer would like to warmly welcome Anke Brandt & Jannis Maus to their Kiteboarding family and so with this atmospheric edit from Dubai and Bahrain. Check it out!…

Issue 65

Anke Brandt and Francisco Lufinha just successfully completed a 1,646 km open water crossing, from Ponta Delgada to mainland Portugal, and clinched a new world record! Don’t miss Ten Questions about how these two conquered the open sea!

2 years ago

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