The determined German kitesurfer Anke Brandt kited an incredible 298 kilometers from Bahrain to Doha, Qatar. Anke started her 17-hour journey at 4 pm on March 17, 2016. She managed to break her own Guinness World Record for the longest distance covered by a female kiter. Continue reading all the details about her mission, below.

Anke ...

Anke battled darkness, variable wind, and many other challenges during her journey.

German kitesurfer and world-record holder, Anke Brandt, kitesurfed 298 kms from Bahrain to Doha, Qatar during the GET Kite Mission- Kitesurf Arabia, breaking her previous world record. Anke currently holds the world record for the longest distance kitesurfed by a woman.

“By kiting for over 17 hours, I managed to break my previous record of 250 kms,” she stated.

The kite-surfer, accompanied by a team onboard a support boat, braved the night and mother nature when she began her journey from ART Rotana, Amwaj Islands on March 17 at 4 pm (GMT+3). “The goal of the mission was to raise $5,500 for ‘Wings for Life’, a charity organisation which is trying to make spinal cord injury curable through on-going research,” she said, adding that donations could still be made through her website.

The initial aim of the GET Kite Mission- Kitesurf Arabia was to kitesurf 550kms from Bahrain to Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi. However, weather conditions prevented the team from doing so. “We tried to pick the perfect day but things can change, and this time the weather moved in too fast so we had to make the call to stop at Doha,” she explained.

Stopping Doha, Qatar

Captain of the boat and BISS Marine Owner, Nabeel Hijris, stated that the reason the trip had to be stopped at Doha came down to safety. “We had set ourselves targets and had to be at way points at certain times using a certain speed so we could avoid a front which was coming in with high winds,” he explained. “Unfortunately, we weren’t doing that as the mission progressed and the boat wasn’t designed to bear those conditions,” he continued. Mr. Hijris hence made the call to stop the mission at Doha, Qatar to avoid putting the team in any danger. “Of course Anke, being Anke, didn’t have any problem and she would have definitely carried on a lot further if she had been allowed,” he highlighted.

Challenges Faced During the Mission

During dusk, visibility on the water proved challenging for the team due to the changes of light. “However, as soon as it was completely dark, it was perfect,” said Anke, adding that the team had two major challenges which interrupted the journey.

“The wind died completely during the night which meant we had to sit in the water for an hour. We also came across a big fishing net and were lucky that the boat did not get stuck but had to find a way out of it, “she explained. “We also had tidal movements which changed. All these factors are very unpredictable and can make it or break it and, in our case, we just didn’t make enough progress during the night,” she said.

Physical Conditioning and Training

Through intense training over the past year and physical conditioning, Anke was able to overcome the physical strain of the challenge. “I’m feeling great now and am very surprised at how my body felt the entire trip,” she said. “I wasn’t extremely surprised, but after 17 hours I could have easily gone more and even today I feel my body is aching as much as I’d expected. So physically, my performance and that of the team was great,” she added.

Following the experience, Anke is confident that she would like to try kiting the distance to Abu Dhabi again. “There were many lessons we learnt and there was the likelihood that the first time wouldn’t work out because there are so many factors playing their part,” she said. The record is now to be approved by Guinness World records through footage and photographic evidence.

“I can easily say that this was the greatest experience of my entire life. It’s going to take a lot to top this,” Anke concluded.

More information visit Anke’s official website:,  Facebook , and Instagram.


Anke and her team are determined to attempt the crossing again.

About Anke Brandt

Anke is a passionate kitesurfer who currently holds the world record for the longest distance kitesurfed by a woman (250 kms) – a record she set when she circumnavigated the Kingdom of Bahrain in March 2014. Under the umbrella Kite Beyond, Anke Brandt dares the limit for long-distance kite projects and gets involved with Wings for Life.

About Wings for Life

Through donations worldwide the Wings for Life charity foundation supports clinical studies and projects with the goal of making spinal cord injury curable.

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