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The North crew couldn’t resist the rumors of Patagonia’s snow-covered mountains!

On the fourth day with the Santa Tabla crew, they set off to San Martin De Los Andes to meet @kitepatagonia4981, a local team of snow kiters.

The experience was truly out of this world: the locals greeted them at the mountain’s base and all drove together into the forest, marking the start of an unforgettable adventure.

With snowmobiles and pristine snowy peaks, adrenaline reached peak levels.

At the mountain refuge where they spent the day, the Kite Patagonia Team had prepared a spectacular barbecue to welcome the North Team. They received them with open arms, eager for everyone to experience snow like never before. The entire day passed swiftly, riding up to the nearest hill on snowmobiles and snowboarding down to the refuge for some refreshing drinks. The real fun began when they built a snow kicker and attempted their first jumps (whether successful or not).

And what was a must-have? Some good old snowball fights between ski sessions!

Fri 1st Dec, 2023 @ 9:00 am


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