Fabian Muhmenthaler

Fabian Muhmenthaler

Pro Rider

7 months ago

North riders Chucho and Fabi set out to explore Dakhla with the Mode. What did they discover? Well, you'll have to watch this to find out!…

8 months ago

For high-speed performance, efficiency is key. North's Mode is their new high-speed performance wing that incorporates N-Weave woven fibre technology, 3x stiffer and 40% lighter…

8 months ago

North released their NEW Sonar HA850/HA1050 Front Wings and S208 Stabiliser. Engineered for the highest speed and efficiency possible across a range of disciplines, with…

9 months ago

Introducing the all-new North Mode, powered by N-Weave. A faster, lighter and more durable wing designed for high-speed performance. The new Mode’s stiffer airframe is…

1 year ago

Fabi Muhmenthaler just joined North's international team of riders! With an engineering and product design background, wing foiling is much more than a just sport…

4 years ago

In the struggle for freedom, we have to keep moving. If you can't fly, run. If you can't run, walk. If you can't walk, crawl.…

Issue 95

The team at North has had some serious growth over the past few years, with an all-star team of athletes and some recent changes to the design team. With two major releases including the 2023 North Orbit and the all-new Code Zero, we got in touch with Lead Kite Designer Pepijn Smit to find out all about what’s new behind the scenes at North!

8 months ago

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