Marcela Witt

Marcela Witt

Pro Rider

2 days ago

Some of our favourite F-ONE strapless riders, including; Mitu Monteiro, Hendrick Lopes, and Marcela Witt, show us there's no wave the Shadow can't handle! The…

3 days ago

Right after the GKA event, Marcela Witt, Hendrick Lopes & Matt Maxwell headed to a local right-hand break near Dakhla to kite. Nothing beats a…

1 month ago

F-ONE's Tweak is precise and turns incredibly well with minimal effort. It pivots on the fins efficiently and goes where you look. The board also…

2 months ago

Feast your eyes - F-ONE's Bandit S4 has arrived; the true partner to the surfboard rider! Enjoy the BANDIT S4's easy-to-fly nature, impeccable handling, and…

3 months ago

F-ONE’s new TWEAK surfboard follows your every move in total control. With its responsive and intuitive design, it planes early, turns quickly, and offers great…

6 months ago

Reminiscing about a road trip filled with adventures, encounters, mishaps, and laughter is always fun. Learn what happened during last year's F-ONE trip to Baja…

7 months ago

Feel more, ride better, and experience the unexpected - Check out F-ONE's Foil Collection 2022 - Surf foil sessions, right here! Directed by Olivier Sautet…

7 months ago

Feel more, ride better, and experience the unexpected. Take a look at F-ONE's 2022 Foil Collection - Wing foil sessions! Directed by Olivier Sautet //…

8 months ago

Watch the F-ONE Foil crew, including Marcela Witt, Charles Brodel, Hendrick Lopes, Hugo Marin, Mizo Fernando and Titouan Galea, showcase F-ONE 2022 2022 foil collection.…

9 months ago

The foils of the EAGLE HM Carbon line are designed to bring you thrilling speed potential, incomparable downwind sensations, and everlasting cruising time above the…

9 months ago

Are you ready? F-ONE 2022 Foil Collection is dropping 24.03.2022 - stay tuned! Directed by Olivier Sautet

9 months ago

Happy International Women's Day! A WOMANERA's mission is to inspire. Inspire a grom to take her first kiteboarding lesson. Inspire a young woman to surf…

Issue 93

Lightroom Issue 93 is jam packed with epic photos with nowhere else to go!

6 months ago
Issue 92

Your choices matter in kiteboarding. Whether it's who you voted for in our Readers Awards, what gear you spend your money on, or how you engage with rider and brand content online, your decisions fuel the industry. Read more, and hear from your Readers Awards winners in this IKSURFMAG feature by editor Crystal Veness!

8 months ago
Issue 90

Manera is known for creating some of the most iconic kite content ever seen. Each year, they carefully select a few of their top team riders to explore a unique location and document it on film and photo. Join the Manera crew as they journey through Cornisa Cantábrica!

12 months ago
Issue 89

Celebrating the 15th anniversary of the BANDIT, the F-ONE team packs their bags and heads south of the border to Mexico's Baja, California, for what promises to be a spicy product shoot! Find out what happened on Carretera Federal 1!

1 year ago
Issue 82

We’ve adjusted our Tech Focus to feature more brands and more technological innovations from the sport. This issue the F-One Magnet Carbon, North Reach, Eleveight PRS Rails, Mystic Stealth Harness and Flysurfer VMG race kite go under the microscope…

2 years ago

Canal Off:
Morando na Estrada
Surfin sem Fim (doc)
Sul por Elas
Noronha Por Elas
Férias no Rosa

Instagram: @Marcelawitt

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