Marcela Witt

Marcela Witt

Pro Rider

2 weeks ago

16 minutes of the best riding, cinematography, music and action we’ve seen in a while! Watch the F-ONE crew road trip across Baja California chasing…

3 months ago

Wondering what's new in the 2022 edition of the F-ONE Linx Bar? Take a closer look in this video! The F-ONE Linx Bar has been…

3 months ago

Discover MANERA's 2022 Seafarer wetsuits! Back to the essentials: warmth, comfort, durability. STAY STOKED! We use computer design to model good-fitted wetsuits in 3D, then…

3 months ago

F-ONE HAS DONE IT ONCE AGAIN! Grab a coffee and take a seat - this is one for the books! Sixteen minutes of the best…

3 months ago

F-ONE always deliver when it comes to good movies and we can't wait to watch LOS SIETE EN BAJA: An F-ONE road trip movie across…

5 months ago

F-ONE crew; Mitu Monteiro, Liam Whaley, Maxime Chabloz, Marcela Witt, Paul Serin, and Hendrick Lopes show off F-ONE's 2022 kite line-up! Entirely designed to suit…

10 months ago

Our feelings got stronger; our playground got bigger. For all the wingsurfing and foiling addicts out there, Just like all F-ONE movies, you're going to…

11 months ago

Being part of this story with so many amazing and inspiring women motivates me to want more and more. Learn more about the ladies of…

1 year ago

Whether you're on the wing train, or standing at the station watching the train go by, it's safe to say that this video is seriously…

1 year ago

THIS SUNDAY - The F-ONE crew are releasing the FULL MOVIE - LIBECCIO. Watch the crew, including Liam Whaley, Maxime Chabloz, Marcela Witt, Mika Fernandez,…

1 year ago

Salty Is A Feeling It's getting wild on the ocean, the sea spray all over our faces. It's part of who you become when you're…

1 year ago

Once again, F-ONE's legendary BANDIT returns for its 14th edition, featuring improvements that offer the best riding experience - no matter the conditions!

Issue 90

Manera is known for creating some of the most iconic kite content ever seen. Each year, they carefully select a few of their top team riders to explore a unique location and document it on film and photo. Join the Manera crew as they journey through Cornisa Cantábrica!

2 months ago
Issue 89

Celebrating the 15th anniversary of the BANDIT, the F-ONE team packs their bags and heads south of the border to Mexico's Baja, California, for what promises to be a spicy product shoot! Find out what happened on Carretera Federal 1!

4 months ago
Issue 82

We’ve adjusted our Tech Focus to feature more brands and more technological innovations from the sport. This issue the F-One Magnet Carbon, North Reach, Eleveight PRS Rails, Mystic Stealth Harness and Flysurfer VMG race kite go under the microscope…

1 year ago

Canal Off:
Morando na Estrada
Surfin sem Fim (doc)
Sul por Elas
Noronha Por Elas
Férias no Rosa

Instagram: @Marcelawitt

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