Marcela Witt

Marcela Witt

Pro Rider | 17,383

3 months ago

* F O L L O W T H E F L O W * Check out MANERA's Spring/Summer collection. Make the most of next…

3 months ago

MANERA 2020 Spring/Summer Collection is Out - Designed for the wandering spirits who express themselves with passion. Check it out. Wetsuits It’s very frustrating to…

5 months ago

Kitesurfer, Surfer, TV presenter, Marcela loves to travel and share her amazing experiences. Marcela is the first female rider to have kitesurfed Nazaré. She has…

9 months ago

What can be said about the 15-year-old three-time Freestyle World Champion who two weeks ago decided to train to compete in her first strapless freestyle…

2 years ago

First up yesterday was the women's single elimination. Eight women competed over three rounds for the fourth time this season before 2x World Champion Jalou Langeree found…


Canal Off: Morando na Estrada Surfin sem Fim (doc) Sul por Elas Noronha Por Elas SUBMERSO Férias no Rosa Instagram: @Marcelawitt Sportsperson

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