Zara Hoogenraad

Zara Hoogenraad

Pro Rider

3 weeks ago

It's the womens turn! The 'Women’s Move of the Year Award' will be won by the female kitesurfer who demonstrates the most advanced and committed…

2 months ago

Join us as we uncover the meteoric rise of female athletes in this adrenaline-fueled sport, and celebrate the women who are fearlessly pushing the limits…

4 months ago

OUCHHHHH... So... Hannah jumped and landed on a boat anchor... Luckily she had Zara Hoogenraad to look after / laugh at her! Watch this!

5 months ago

The wind has finally picked up in Brazil, so it's time to go big! Hannah Whiteley and Zara Hoogenraad are off to the next spot,…

6 months ago

Hannah and Zara's adventures continue, and this time, they've conjured by wind and water; a magical landscape on the northeastern coast of Brazil is no…

7 months ago

Hannah Whiteley and Zara Hoogenraad take you on an epic road trip to Atins, Brazil, a hidden paradise on the north-east coast!

7 months ago

The third episode of Hannah Whitetely's Brazilian adventure is out! In this episode, she explores some hidden gems at Ilha do Guajiru with Andy Troy…

8 months ago

KITEGIRLS ON TOUR! Hannah Whiteley & Zara Hoogenraad join forces and head out on a road trip to discover the best kite spot Brazil has…

10 months ago

This diamond in the desert is a great place to unplug from the world and reconnect with Mother Nature. Join 'Get High with Mike' as…

11 months ago

The Qatar Airways GKA Big Air World Championships were held in Tarifa in the southern Spanish state of Andalusia from 20th June to 6th July,…

12 months ago

Despite tearing her ACL during the Full Power Tarifa women's final, Pippa van Iersel remained positive standing on that podium. Wishing you a speedy recovery,…

1 year ago

The final GKA Big Air World Championship lineup has been announced! The riders have qualified to compete across four disciplines: twin-tip / strapless / hydrofoil.…

Issue 98

As one of the most influential women in kiteboarding and the dominant winner of Best Female Kitesurfer in the IKSURFMAG Readers Awards for three years in a row, Hannah Whiteley is, most definitely, an Intriguing Being. In this article, we share some of the highlights from the podcast. To get the full story, click the podcast icon on this page!

2 months ago
Issue 94

Among the most influential female kiteboarders on the Big Air scene at the moment, Zara Hoogenraad embodies power, strength and determination. A new name on the scene, but this one is definitely here to stay! Jen Tyler got to know all about Zara Hoogenraad in this exclusive interview!

10 months ago
Issue 93

Kitesurfing is a series of highs and lows, and we don’t just mean your jump stats! Editor Crystal Veness takes a look at how the motivation to get on the water can change, and how to get that fire burning again!

12 months ago
6 months ago

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Join us as we uncover the meteoric rise of female athletes in this adrenaline-fueled sport, and celebrate the women who are fearlessly pushing the limits of what's possible. In this thrilling video, BAKL brought together some of the biggest names…

2 months ago

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