Nuria Goma

Nuria Goma

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4 years ago

The true definition of adventure: taking your kite & SUP gear by motorbike across the desert, being fully self supported. This edit has been put…

Issue 57

David Romeu, Nuria Goma and their buddy Oscar drive motorbikes from Barcelona to Essaouira in Morocco, over mountains and through the deserts this has to be the most epic kiting road trip ever!

3 years ago

Don't dream of a life, live the life of your dreams! After working in a Bank for more than 10 years I decided to change my life and follow one of my dreams: to become a Professional Kiteborder. I own a Pousada in Brazil, EasySleepBrasil, and I am also the Project Manager from BCNDRONE (video-travel company). I enjoy combining Competitions with Coaching, but what I truly love is being able to do all that traveling the globe! OzoneTeam Rider When I'm not kiting I like jogging or biking, as well as hanging out with friends. When I'm at home I enjoy watching a good movie, eating a pizza and with my little princess sitting next to me (my cat). Sportsperson

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