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3 weeks ago

Nick Jacobsen's jumps are always worth a watch!

1 month ago

Have you watched Nick Jacobsen & Mikkel Hansen's 1440 yet?! Well... you are in for 3 minutes of PURE entertainment!

2 months ago

From 1st April - 1st November - When the perfect storm hits the Netherlands, Sixteen of the world’s best kiteboarders will be challenged to show…

2 months ago

Another one ticked off the bucket list for Nick Jacobsen! I am always on the search for new and fun places to kite. This is…

3 months ago

When the 2022 North product shoot was a wrap, Nick Jacobsen had to go straight to the airport... Luckily, there were alternative ways of getting…

3 months ago

Whoop! It's Friday, and Mikkel Hansen (ft Nick Jacobsen) gets us hyped for the weekend in this vlog!

3 months ago

The Cape Doctor delivered at last, and the final instalment of our 5-stop tour took place in Cape Town, South Africa, with 33 riders from…

4 months ago

Storm Malik swooped through last weekend, providing Nick Jacobsen and Mikkel Hansen with the kind of conditions they enjoy most! So, what did they get…

4 months ago

Mikkel Hansen hits Cape Town and catches up with Nick Jacobsen - check out what they got up to in Mikkel's latest vlog! Completely mind…