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2 weeks ago

The terrible twos join forces on this one - Nick Jacobsen and Graham Howes share some gap jumps and crashes - whats not to watch?!

3 weeks ago

Kevin Langaree is back in Cape Town and just dropped KEVVLOG³ #19! Over the past 15 years, Cape Town's wind and waves have lured Kevin…

3 weeks ago

Nick Jacobsen takes us behind the scene of his new video! Nick decided to head up the Great West Coast of South Africa and found…

2 months ago

When Nick Jacobsen uploads a new video... you know it will be worth a watch! Don't try this at home! This video shows exactly what…

2 months ago

Two years - that's how long it took to release this movie! The Dirty Habits Crew is a group of professional athletes from around the…

2 months ago

Kevin Langeree just dropped KEVVLOG³ #17 from Achill Island's Battle for the Lake showing off his latest look!

3 months ago

Towed through glacial canals by electric skateboards, just another road trip for North. Foil anything and anywhere with the fully modular North Sonar Foils. Find…

3 months ago

Ireland’s most anticipated watersports & music festival, Battle For the Lake, takes place in September! The most hotly anticipated action sports festival on the Emerald…

4 months ago

Nick Jacobsen shares 'Muddy Monday's in Copenhagen', which includes pretty much everything you'd expect to see in a Nick Jacobsen video!


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