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3 months ago

Welcome back to another kitesurfing session down south on the Isle of Wight! This time, Tom Court and Jett Bradshaw teamed up and explored some...

3 months ago

If you haven't watched the full video yet, what are you waiting for!? In this episode, Jett Bradshaw arrives from Mauritius and joins forces with...

3 months ago

Jett Bradshaw arrives from Mauritius and joins forces with Tom Court in this episode! Massive kite loops, big air, and some of the best kitesurfing...

4 months ago

Check out Jett Bradshaw's Megaloop Challenge entry video right here!

5 months ago

When the Cold Hawaii Games return this fall, it will be with a new, big partner. The Big Air competition will be an official part...

5 months ago

World first double loop on shortlines? Watch the full edit here!

6 months ago

GOING NOWHERE is LIVE! Join the North crew for an adventure deep into the Patagonia - Exploring the region's endless beauty while braving the harsh...

7 months ago

Dive into the thrilling world of Big Air Kitesurfing with the highly anticipated Fight For Flight docuseries! Check out the first episode, and don’t forget...

7 months ago

Follow the journey of one of big air's greatest innovators, Janek Grzegorzewski, as he battles what could be a career-ending injury.