Tim Walsh

Tim Walsh

Pro Rider

2 months ago

The BAKL crew, including Cohan van Dijk, Lorenzo Casati, Jesse Richman, Kimo Verkerk, Tim Walsh, and Tomas Aguirre, flew all the way to Maui, the...

10 months ago

Claiming 2nd place was Team ICE, captained by Xander Raith, along with Katie Potter, Tim Walsh, Ian Daly, and Asher Clarke - Watch the full...

2 years ago

The Naish crew, including Ewan Jaspan, Tim Walsh, Austin Kalama, Katie Potter, Chuck Patterson, Ray Borg, and Tom Seager, headed down to REAL Watersports, America's...

3 years ago

More insane action from The Gorge! As summer comes to an end in Hood River, OR, Tim Walsh delivers some epic action from some of...

4 years ago

With most of us knee-deep in winter weather, a summer session in Maui is just what the doctor ordered. Here's a short clip of 16-year-old...

4 years ago

After school activities look a little different for Tim Walsh + friends here on Maui, check out their latest edit by Kevin Pritchard and see...

5 years ago

King of the Air, Kevin Langeree invites us once again to join the Maui Kite Fest for their second annual kiteboarding festival on June 1nd...

6 years ago

Keep an eye out for this kid! Tim Walsh leading the charge for Maui's next generation of kiters. Twin Tip, Foil or Strapless he rips...

8 years ago

Where do you find your joy in kiteboarding? Hear the intriguing and entertaining answers from youth kiteboarders Tomas Aguirre and Tim Walsh as they chat...

Issue 103

Treat your eyes to some tasty kiteboarding imagery! Lightroom is where we showcase some of the best images we receive each issue… check it out!

5 months ago
Issue 100

There's big news over at Naish Kiteboarding, with a newly updated product range hitting the market this month, and some big changes to the development team, with Pro Rider Ewan Jaspan stepping into the role of Kite Designer. We caught up with Ewan in this Q&A to discover what's new at Naish!

11 months ago
Issue 95

Feast your eyes on some of our favourite photos from this issue in our Lightroom gallery!

2 years ago
Issue 78

Incredible images with no particular place to go.

5 years ago

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