Lolo BSD

Lolo BSD

Pro Rider

2 months ago

Lolo BSD's favourite playground in Serre Chevalier Valley, French Alps!

3 months ago

Spotted in Serre Chevalier Valley!

3 months ago

This one got our hearts racing - Laurent Guyot and Lionel Bonnaf survived a brutal avalanche in the French Alps on the 20th of January…

4 months ago

It's that time of year again and Laurent Guyot is back at his favourite playground! Looking forward to seeing his videos this season!

7 months ago

Ouch... Crashing in water hurts; imagine crashing on snow! Last season, Lolo BSD filmed this snowkite crash in the French Alps (Lautaret Pass).

7 months ago

Would you do this?! Watch Lolo BSD soar over the snow in this clip!

8 months ago

Lolo BCD is an adrenaline junkie who knows how to keep his riding exciting, and in this edit, he's wing landboarding in Berck-sur-Mer! Drone pilot:…

9 months ago

No one does it quite like Lolo! This video is pure action, with 37 snowkite tricks packed into a 5-minute edit. It's clear to see…

11 months ago

This is insane. It's not something you see every day... and not many live to tell the tale. Luckily Lionel Bonnaf is safe and well...…

11 months ago

Check out this compilation of Flysurfer's Lolo BSD's best snowkite sessions from last season in Serre Chevalier Valley (and surrounding areas)!

11 months ago

OUCH! Check out this compilation of Laurent Guyot's snowkite crashes from his winter season!

1 year ago

Kicking off the week with this awesome edit by Laurent Guyot in the Hautes-Alpes.

Issue 92

The Serre Chevalier Vallée saw some epic snowkite action during the latest World Snowkite Masters a few months ago. What is snowkiting freestyle, and what does an event in this category look like? Find out what went down - and up - in the French Alps in this exclusive IKSURFMAG article!

12 months ago

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Lolo BSD's favourite playground in Serre Chevalier Valley, French Alps! Laurent Guyot AKA Lolo BSD FLYSURFER Kiteboarding Ride Engine

2 months ago

Pro Kiteboarder & Movie maker
2020 KLB freestyle France Champion
2019 IFKO snowkite freerace World C

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