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Oswald Smith

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Oswald Smith Kiteboarding is in Namibia.
Oswald Smith Kiteboarding is in Namibia.
5 days ago

You gotta dip your fingers in the honeypot to taste the delicacies of life... So stoked to have been able to ride these desert gems. Definitely a trip for the books 💎
Pics: @as_the_dodo_do
#kitesurfing #waveriding #skeletoncoast #namibia #granclan @ Namibia

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1 week ago

Say halo to Incarnasio... She’s cool, she got the strut, we got the bond, you can stay ☺️ #priends #numerouno #pimpsnohos #soultraingang

Oswald Smith posted a video
1 week ago

This is just way to good... Claimed it 😂🐥
#kitesurfing #redbullmegaloop #goodtimes #flaring

Oswald Smith posted a photo
2 weeks ago

We’re basically just getting dragged around like a rag dolls, but I’ll take it 🚀
Pic: @arno schurgers
#kitesurfing #redbullmegaloop #bigair #flaring

Oswald Smith Kiteboarding shared a post — in Zandvoort.
2 weeks ago

It's safe to say Red Bull mega loop was one windy day ! Check out the recap here...

Oswald Smith posted a photo
2 weeks ago

When do you ever wear ski goggles on the beach ? When it’s 45kts+ and the sands blowing up into your face 💁‍♀️It was the most alive and afraid I’ve ever felt, holding onto an 8m for life... That’s the thrill we live for. Nothing more, Nothing less. Pic: @ydwer
#redbullmegaloop #kitesurfing #bigair #sendit

Oswald Smith posted a photo
2 weeks ago

Today was so sick !!! Just wanna say thanks to everybody for the good vibes and support. Coming 2nd at the @redbull #megaloop is a milestone for me. I guess no plan is the plan from now on haha...Well done to @ross_dillon_player for sending it to 1st and @lassewalker for 3d. It was wild 🚀 #kitesurfing #bigair #liverifeplay #thedirtyway #justsendit

Oswald Smith posted a photo
2 weeks ago

There is no game plan for tomorrow, let’s just fu>cking send it 🔥 @redbullned #megaloop is gonna be wild, link in bio for livestream tomorrow.
#redbullmegaloopchallenge #bigair #codered #allin

Oswald Smith posted a video
3 weeks ago

The goody goods just got a whole lot better 🔥Stoked with the new @mysticboarding #stealthbar.
#thefuture #kitesurfing

A professional kiteboarder competing on the world tour, pushing the limits of kiteboarding and stoked on life.
2011 Vice World junior champion. 2011- 2013 South African Open champion. 2011 Vice Junior wake boarding champion. placed 3d in Stand up Paddle boarding South African juniors 2012. 2013 open African Champion. 4x SA Open champ. ranked 3d in the world for open slalom 2013. 2011 Vice World junior champ. 2011 Vice Junior wake boarding champ.
Personal interests
When theres no wind, I go surf, wakeboard or stand up paddle board

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Ian MacKinnon talks to Clinton Filen and Marc Schmid from Airush about the brand, their ethos and how they see kitesurfing developing in the future.

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