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Matchu Lopes

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1 week ago

The legendary Neo; the world’s most decorated wave kite, now has the Strong Light Superior treatment! SLS incorporates new materials and technologies across the Duotone…

2 weeks ago

Duotone's 'Trick of the Week': Escape after a crash in waves with Matchu Lopes! Remember: Keep the kite flying Fly the kite towards wave Get…

3 weeks ago

A short film by Lidewij Hartog shot in Mauritius featuring AIRton Cozzolino, Matchu Lopes, Sebastian Ribeiro, James Storm Carew & Pedro Matos, shot in Mauritius.…

3 months ago

Summer is almost here, and after so many weeks off the water, kiteboarders are excited to be buying new equipment and getting back on it!…

5 months ago

#KitersInIsolation - This one is guaranteed to keep you entertained for the next 10 minutes! Watch Airton Cozzolino and Matchu Lopes back in 2013. Times…

6 months ago

In this episode of #teamtalk, Tom Court talks you through the new Duotone  Kiteboarding Academy App and the features that it has to help you…

7 months ago

Yesterday, we saw all the top seeds hit the water for the quarter-finals on day 4 of the GKA Kite-Surf World Cup - Cape Verde…

7 months ago

Read all about the GKA Kite-Surf World Cup - Cape Verde 2020 Day 3 action, right here! The wind was slightly stronger at Kite Beach,…

7 months ago

Yesterday, the GKA decided to run a Pure Wave format, with best two waves counting to final scores after judges decided conditions were not suited…

7 months ago

The GKA Kite World Tour is in Cape Verde for the first event of the season! 30 men (8 Cape Verdeans) and a record 23…

7 months ago

Not all who wander are lost. In the second part of the episode “Off the Beaten Path”, the Duotone Team wanted to lose track of…

9 months ago

Ion’s 2020 range is looking sweeter than ever, have a look and see the enhancements they have made this year; giving us a wide range…

Issue 81

James Carew heads to Mauritius for the GKA to beat Airton Cozzolino, while one dream got crushed he discovers another magical moment just around the corner he wasn’t expecting that puts everything in perspective… What’s your best kiting moment in time?

3 months ago
Issue 78

Is kitesurfing expensive? Or is it too cheap? Rou Chater puts his best maths hat on to work out what the real cost of kiteboarding is and comes to some interesting conclusions. If you've ever wondered about the costs of kites, this one is for you...

10 months ago
Issue 77

Join Colleen Carroll as she takes a ridiculously long flight to go and explore the wilds of Namibia joining the Duotone team and getting well and truly off the beaten track!

11 months ago
Issue 70

Rou Chater looks at the incredible turn of events that have led to some major changes at kitesurfing’s top table. The launch of Duotone, what’s happening with Cabrinha and the rebirth of the new North is explained right here.

2 years ago
Issue 67

Rou Chater has been travelling to One Eye in Mauritius since before it was even a thing, in the old days it was quiet and menacing, these days it’s a zoo out there. If you’ve ever wanted to know the best way to tackle it, and how to survive then read this!

3 years ago
Issue 66

Sleep, who needs it? Colleen Carroll and fellow North teammates Reno Romeu and Matchu Lopez tear through wild New Zealand. They find beauty in spades and sessions for all, sacrificing sleep for an unforgettable journey!

3 years ago
Issue 65

Rou Chater chats to perhaps the most influential man in kiteboarding right now, Till Eberle the CEO of Boards and More. Find out what his vision is for the future of our sport and what to expect from one of the biggest kite brands in the world over the next few years.

3 years ago
Issue 59

Rear line depower is the future, we’ve tasted it, and North have made it a reality, no more flapping depower lines, no more hunting for it or trying to grab it in a gust, just pure control at the tips of your fingers! What do you think of the concept?

4 years ago

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